What is an Intranet and How Does it Work?

What is an Intranet?

The intranet is a private, secure network that can only be accessed by the internal employees of an organization. It serves as the single focal point from where employees can access both internal and external resources, and enables people to collaborate, communicate, share documents and receive business information.

How is Intranet Used in an Organization

1. Connecting People:

 Large organizations face challenges in connecting with staff working across a range of office locations or remotely. A company intranet portal helps colleagues to find, connect, and communicate with one another irrespective of what device they are using, where they are located, or what role they serve in the organization.

2. Accessing Information:

 Intranets can be used to centrally host and access information that employees require to perform their roles, and store important corporate information, news, announcements, documents and policies. It can also act as a training platform to provide training content to employees, facilitates sharing of resources and aids in collaborative working.

3. Internal Communications:

 Intranet acts as a communication hub between staff and management through effective communication and social tools such as forums, discussions, blogs and wikis. It consists of an active content management system which is usually integrated with the organization’s document management system, that delivers internal communications including events, news, announcements, blogs, videos and more.

4. Knowledge Management:

 Intranet based Knowledge Management allows an organization to store and tap into the vast levels of knowledge generated by its employees and retain it even after an individual leaves the organization. Employees can utilize the knowledge of their peers via an intranet portal through forums, idea boards, discussion areas and team areas.

5. Workflows and e-forms:

 Intranet is a great employee self-service tool that makes it easy for staff to complete common processes such as submitting leave application, undertaking internal training or submitting expenses. Also automation of a range of administrative processes including dealing with staff performance reviews and appraisals, meeting room and equipment booking, holiday requests, etc.

Business Benefits of Intranet Portal

  • Higher workforce productivity
  • Streamlined collaboration
  • Better internal communications
  • Boosts employee engagement
  • Remote work capabilities
  • Centralized information resource
  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Secure transfer of data
  • New ideas and improvements
  • Fast information search
  • Provides organizational clarity
  • Encourages knowledge sharing
  • Enriches company culture
  • Better business efficiency

Which Intranet Software is Best for My Business?

From a tool for top-down communication between management and staff, intranets have adapted and evolved according to trends and demands into a collaboration platform where individuals can share knowledge, teams can have open discussions, leadership can stay in touch and departments can provide updates. With the increase in globalization and remote working culture, offering restricted access to resources from a single location is no longer an option. Employees need to be connected on the go; hence mobile app versions, responsive sites and integration with cloud based systems such as Office 365 and SharePoint Online need to be considered. Also an efficient intranet should include public API or third-party integrations to work seamlessly with existing and future business applications.

Speak with one of our experts to learn how your organization can achieve incredible benefits and savings by moving to a SharePoint intranet or for information about successful intranet portal implementation for your organization.

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