How Correspondence Management Software Streamlines Business Communications Better


The Need for Correspondence Management Software

Correspondence management is a company’s process of systematic filing, storage, retrieval, dispatch, receipt, and disposition of internal or external communication records. Business correspondence may take multiple formats such as emails, electronic documents, fax, web content, paper documents and letters which makes correspondence management quite challenging. Manually dealing with huge volumes of incoming and outgoing business correspondence can lead to higher processing time, increased managing and monitoring costs for organizations and inefficient service quality. Solutions such as correspondence management software provides your organization with efficient and cost-effective management plus seamless automation of all your incoming and outgoing correspondence from within a single platform.

Here are some examples of office correspondence your business should be closely managing:

  • Emails
  • Important files
  • Letters, faxes, or memorandums
  • Requests for information
  • Meeting agendas
  • Project design reviews
  • Instructions or blueprints
  • Change orders
  • Record of phone conversations
  • Daily reports
  • Sales correspondence
  • Office instructions

Benefits of Correspondence Management Software

Why Your Organization Needs a Correspondence Management Software

An effective CMS will support your organization with timely and accurate creation and distribution of correspondence. Modernizing your company’s correspondence process with a complete correspondence management software provides a central repository that stores data which facilitates a flexible method for moving data within the organization and across various departments. Moving to a correspondence management software is of huge importance for government agencies, private organizations, business people, and other entities looking to enhance productivity, enhance process efficiency and ongoing expense reductions. This is especially important for those organizations or individuals dealing with strict deadlines or those requiring an effective control system over their correspondence channels.

A correspondence management software built on SharePoint has smart capabilities for sorting, processing, storing and communicating correspondences across departments and locations. Read a case study about how Neologix successfully integrated a correspondence management software to a SharePoint intranet portal to deal with all incoming and outgoing correspondences for a major regional Arab financial institution.

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Correspondence tracking software manages all incoming and outgoing correspondences relating to a whole organization or tracks correspondence for specific projects. The ability to effectively capture, track and manage various types of enterprise correspondence drives efficiency of the workforce via increased productivity, flexibility and adaptability. Read More…

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