Popular Intranet Features for Effective Collaboration


What is Intranet?

Intranet implementation is facilitated by a culture that em-phasizes an atmosphere of trust and concern for other people (ethical culture), flexibility and innovation (developmental culture), and policies, procedures and information management (hierarchical culture)

The company intranet software is the most effective tool for organisations looking to influence how employees communicate, collaborate, and contribute to company culture while getting important work done. Not only does it allow employees to work remotely with minimal issue but acts as a gateway of information and collaboration as well as a conduit for various business processes such as document management, correspondence management, internal communication etc.

Popular Intranet Features

As companies transform into digital businesses, intranets have evolved from simple information-centric sites to collaboration-centric workplaces. As such, the key to intranet success for any business is to maintain high adoption and usage by modernising and upgrading your company intranet with the latest features. Whether you are planning to implement a new intranet solution or upgrading your old intranet, here are some important and popular intranet features to look for:

1. Document Management

A corporate intranet with centralised document management system makes it easy for employees to search, edit and revise documents fundamental to ensure your business processes run smoothly. Your office intranet should possess the right document management features necessary to assist your employees to collaborate on documents securely without the fear of losing data along with tools to perform full-text search, document tracking, versioning, review, comments & ratings etc. Read More…

2. Knowledge Management

The most important function of the company intranet is to act as a repository for embedded knowledge and provide a platform for information sharing and collaboration. A successful social intranet allows users to share all manner of explicit knowledge and makes idea sharing easy for its users by incorporating features such as forums, commenting capabilities, rating, and participation rewards. Commenting feature allows users to contribute insight as a form of limited tacit knowledge transfer and encourages participation, innovation and fosters internal communication among employees. Read More…

3. Intuitive Search

Information discovery plays a key part in helping users to navigate the wealth of content stored in your company intranet. A good company intranet software should have a well-designed search feature that helps employees to find information related to people or content based on keywords or specific phrases, suggested search results, categories, filtering of tagged content, etc. Improved navigation and proper content segregation will make the social intranet easy to use.

4. Integration

As the gap between the capabilities of your intranet and the expectations for personalisation of its users grows, your employees will tend to use it less to find valuable insights and the knowledge they need to do their work. Integration with other enterprise applications allows organisations to deliver more relevant content to their intranet users based on their preferences, location, job role or personal and professional interests. This in turn reinforces organisational culture and boosts overall adoption of the company intranet.

5. 24 * 7 Availability

The mobile intranet gives employees a more convenient way to log-in from anywhere, consume information from smartphones and other devices and interact effectively with colleagues. It provides companies an up-to-date and direct channel to connect with employees, share news faster and provide necessary information at the right time with features such as push notification. Companies can drive user adoption by putting the intranet on a smartphone where employees can browse through content even when not at work. Mobile intranet solution functions in real-time and can be much more interactive.

Flexibility and Customization

Flexibility is one of the most essential intranet features for any organization. The goal for every business is to grow and this growth can be in different forms; an increase in the number of employees or a growth in the size of the organization. In any case, without a flexible intranet it will be difficult to get the most out of your investment in terms of better user experience and improving user adoption. Apart from being easier to provide support for, it allows for integration of various business processes and also personalization to make employees feel they are using something designed specifically for them.

Choosing the Best Intranet Software

The ultimate goal of any intranet is driving user adoption. By incorporating the above stated features in the company intranet, most organisations can boost adoption and add to the purpose of implementing a social intranet in their organisation. Speak with one of our intranet experts to learn how your organisation can achieve greater collaboration and improved productivity by moving to a SharePoint intranet or for information about successful intranet implementation for your organisation.

Case Study

Conversion of existing intranet software solution in Dubai Chamber to SharePoint 2016 deployed on-premise for easier communication, collaboration and data centralisation and a mobile application for employees to access intranet software in and out of network premises.

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SharePoint intranet has truly revolutionised the way companies use intranet and extract value from it. Deploying a SharePoint intranet makes it easier for employees to work together as a team while encouraging employee engagement.

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