We use multiple products & technologies, configure them in such a way that a critical problem is solved for our customers. Our solutions are aimed at improving profitability and productivity for any organisation that we associate with.

Document Management System

A document management system helps you focus on the core of your business and help employees focus more on the business aspects and not managing documents.

Intranet Portal

Intranet Portal

Neologix has got extensive experience in setting up Intranet Portals for Corporates and Government organisations! Get in touch with us to kick start your Intranet Portal endeavour.

Correspondence Management System

Take full control of all your internal and external correspondences!
Track correspondence from a variety of different sources like scanned letters, emails, electronic documents, memos.

Records Management System

Neologix offers a wide range of enterprise content management software and service solutions including ECM Records Management powering digital transformation for multiple public-sector organizations and private enterprises.

Mobile Employee Self Service

Mobile Employee Self Service to manage your people on the road or on-site. Speed up administrative processes for managers and employees. Deliver key business information right on your employees’ preferred devices.

Online Grocery Enterprise Software

Upgrade your Supermarket with 10 years of online supermarket experience in a single software. Enable shopping from the Web, Phone and WhatsApp for your customers.

Order Handover System

Become paperless! Channelise your Orders with inbuilt workflows and Track your jobs using our Order Handover Solution. A perfect Solution for Small and Medium Business Enterprises.

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