Benefits of SharePoint Intranet for Your Organization


SharePoint intranet has truly revolutionised the way companies use intranet and extract value from it. Deploying a SharePoint intranet makes it easier for employees to work together as a team while encouraging employee engagement.

Neologix is a pioneer in SharePoint intranet development in Dubai and helps private and Government organisations in UAE set up an intelligent intranet system to boost collaboration between teams, improve the broadcast reach of portals and publishing sites, and provide access to critical information when it matters. The highly responsive design functionality of SharePoint intranets and extranets allows seamless and streamlined communication between internal and external users and manage content easily.


If your business lacks a SharePoint intranet, it is missing out on the following benefits.

1. Store information easily

You can store sensitive and business-related information in a single place that only authorised personnel can access. You can designate who can access and edit the documents so that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands.

2. Reduce time spent in meetings

SharePoint has an online discussion board where team members and departments can chat and discuss business-related matters. This discussion takes place in real-time, doing away with the need to hold meetings or take minutes. Anything discussed is documented and stored away for future reference.

3. Boost collaboration between employees

Employees, who have to work together, can use SharePoint to discuss projects and tasks. With the SharePoint social features, they can also use the intranet to share information. Intranets help employees work as a team, but it also allows them to meet deadlines and be more productive at their workplace.

4. Allow quicker and easier access to information

SharePoint Intranet helps store information related to a project or department at a single location. So, using the search tool to find any content or document allows users to locate the required information more efficiently and quicker. eDiscovery feature of SharePoint helps save time and will enable employees to be more productive.

5. Reduce workplace administration task costs

Specific administrative tasks are repetitive, like approving the leave application of an employee. You do not have to waste time handling these tasks, as a good SharePoint intranet solution can handle all repetitive admin tasks. Automation of basic administration tasks reduces administration costs, and the employee handling these tasks will make a more meaningful contribution to the company.

6. Allow workflows to be developed

If there is a business process, the SharePoint intranet can easily create a workflow for that process. You can develop the workflow and notify stakeholders about their tasks. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself updated on the progress of these tasks. Well developed workflows make it simple to keep track of information and responsibilities, thereby completing projects on time.

7. Enhance employee engagement

Since all employees in an organisation have access to the SharePoint intranet, significant announcements or HR surveys can be dispatched to everyone through the intranet. It allows top executives to keep in touch with the staff, which boosts employee engagement.

8. Improve business governance

Anything that happened within the organisation and discussed on the SharePoint intranet is recorded and stored for future reference. Resolve issues quickly, and the person in charge will always know what is happening in the organisation with the help of the corporate dashboard. Management can have better control over the organisation while resolving problems and issues on time.

Intranet Solutions in Dubai, UAE

If you are looking for the best SharePoint intranet solution to work with your existing systems, then you need experts by your side. Neologix is the best intranet design & development company in Dubai to assess your existing IT infrastructure and build your organization a SharePoint Intranet that will drive your expected business outcomes.

Contact us to discuss the benefits of the SharePoint intranet and how we can implement this in your organisation.

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