Document Management System

A document management system helps you focus on the core of your business and help employees focus more on teh business aspects and note managing documents

Why should your organisation deploy Document Management System

Companies are looking to manage their documents to create order where there is chaos. Given the vast amount of data and content companies are seeking to process, maintain and store on a daily basis. This means providing organisations with the tools to take control, creating workflows that allow their employees to be more effective and efficient. A good document management system frees up time for your employees as employees can focus on the core of your business.

Whatever be the size of your organisation; in time the number of documents that is CREATED, CONSUMED & STORED can be huge! Read More…


Neologix provides consultation and implementation of Document Management Systems in your organisation.


SharePoint Document Management System

SharePoint is part of a broad ecosystem of feature and function sets. Traditionally, it’s been deployed by mid-sized organisations, large departments, and large businesses. Neologix can help you implement SharePoint based Document Management System. This way you can leverage your existing Office 365 licenses to create a Document Management System.

Are you looking to enhance your business capabilities with Microsoft SharePoint? 

Document Management System Consultation

Our industry expertise allows us to shorten your discovery time. We will also help you find the right Document Management Solution. Our consultants speak your language and know your challenges so we can solve your problems more quickly and more effectively.


Are you planning to implement a document management software in your organisation?

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Prince Sultan University

Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia We engaged Neologix to develop a Correspondence Tracking System in Microsoft SharePoint; It’s the perfect solution for generating, tracking and

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Sharjah Govt

Sharjah Government Neologix Software Solutions has been an exceptional mobile and web design partner to help design and develop some of the apps for SEWA.

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How to understand that it’s time for your company to implement ERP?

Nowadays, almost every organization is searching for ways to optimize all internal processes. Such a thing helps them remain competitive and also to control the use of resources.

How to determine if your company needs to implement an ERP program? The following are the most common symptoms:

  • Employees spend too much time thinking about routine work instead of tackling basic tasks.
  • Management faces several challenges getting information on time, slowing down the decision-making process.
  • Several complications while transferring electronic material from one medium to another.
  • It is very challenging to quickly obtain data on finances, stocks, resources, etc.
  • It is hard for management to study the essential documents outside the office.
  • It takes a lot of time for the accounting department to prepare essential documents.
  • The interaction between customers and employees is getting more complicated.
  • Different internal teams have a hard time communicating with each other.
  • It is challenging for the management to control all the actions of employees.

If you believe most of the above provisions are suitable for your organization, then this is a sure sign that it is time to implement an ERP system in its work.

For management, the presence of an ERP system guarantees the creation of a flexible management structure. Among the several advantages of this software are also:

  • Easy to use for employees with basic PC skills.
  • The ability to upgrade the program according to the requirements of the company.
  • Increase efficiency in making crucial decisions because of timely receipt of information.
  • Helps in saving employees’ time by removing routine.
  • Reduction in human errors and negative consequences in the working of the company.
  • Reducing costs and increasing profits in general.

Neologix ERP system functions:

As we have already mentioned, the primary function of this system is to support business processes. However, the enterprise resource planning platform in Dubai also allows organizations to achieve the following goals.

Planning. Enterprise resource management in UAE allows the preparation of necessary resources, as well as tracking the status of the warehouse.

Control over essential documents. ERP programs allow the faster preparation of documents and their storage.

Transparent activity. All the internal operations are as transparent as possible since they are recorded within the system.

Availability of a single network. Even though there are several sections on the same platform, such a thing will not negatively harm the work of all departments.

Control over personnel. The ERP system stores all the necessary information of the employees and also distributes salaries for them.

Contact with suppliers. All the necessary documents regarding the work of the suppliers are stored in the system. Moreover, it also allows orders to be generated automatically without the participation of unauthorized persons.

Benefits of ERP systems:

Implementing enterprise resource planning software is an effective way to drive business improvement that offers several benefits, including:

Internal efficiency. A Well-functioning ERP system enables corporations to reduce the time it takes to complete almost every business related process.

Faster decision making. Enterprise resource planning software promotes collaboration by using disaggregated data organized around common data descriptions. Shared data helps minimize the time spent arguing over the quality of data and promotes a better decision-making process. Shared data and easily accessible business processes allow decisions to be made within the parameters of general management by the people closest to the issue.

Enhanced manoeuvrability. Simplification and standardization result in a less complicated structure. Such a thing promotes more agile organizations that can adapt quickly according to the changing situation while increasing the collaboration potential.

Improved security. While a centralized corporate database is a massive goal, it makes it easier to protect the data that is scattered around hundreds of different servers. It is especially challenging if the security team is not aware of the server location that contains the corporate data.