Manage the creation, capture, tracking and delivery of personalised, secure and interactive correspondence

Correspondence Management System

Correspondence Management System – Take full control of all your internal and external correspondences!
Track correspondence from a variety of different sources like scanned letters, emails, electronic documents, memos.

What is a Correspondence Management System ?

A Correspondence Management System [CMS] manages the creation, capture, tracking and delivery of personalised, secure, and interactive correspondence. It provides an easy to use interface and easy to use tools to help organisations implement complex business rules, workflows and streamline correspondence management process.

Newly received correspondence can be imported either electronically via file and systems integrations or through scanning any paper correspondence directly into the system. All types of correspondence can be captured easily and conveniently.

The amount of correspondence taking place between organisations, within organisations or between customers and the organisation is huge. The larger the organisation, the more resources it takes to handle them manually.


Correspondence management system flow

Implement Modern Digitalization Solutions and Improve Productivity

Replace Paper Based Correspondence

Eases Information Transfer and Boots Security

AUTOMATIC Assignment & Reduce Processing Time

Automatic assignment of correspondences to the right resources


Typically from 12 Months
* Time Period depends on various parameters like number of business units, implementation type etc.

Save 50% Processing Time

A private Organisation that implemented this solutions was able to reduce their processing time by half


are usually from 20% – 30 %

By implementing paperless correspondence, 42% of users have achieved a payback period of 12 months or less, 57% are posting a payback of 18-months or less. To read more on the survey of organisations which implemented paperless correspondence and document management systems. Click here

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Benefits of Correspondence Management System

For over 19 years, Neologix has helped many large businesses in UAE harness the power of SharePoint.

We are the best SharePoint consulting company in Dubai with more Microsoft technical competencies than any other partner in UAE.

Our goal is to lead your organisation through a digital transformation that allows you to maximise business value by utilising SharePoint capabilities to save time for your users and transitions into better cost savings for your company.

Effectively Manage All Organization Correspondences In A Streamlined Process Right From Creation To Acquisition, Processing And Archival. Reduces Time And Cost Associated With Paper-Based Correspondence Management

Complete Control On Auditing And Quality Purposes And Easy Monitoring Of Performance. Easily Search, Locate And Escalate Specific Correspondence Requests

Streamline And Automate Client Communications To Eliminates Data Errors And Reduce The Decision-Making Time Which Results In A Quicker Turnaround Time

Optimize Content Production, Reduce Paper Usage And Consolidate Communications. Help Improve Customer Service By Providing Fast, Accurate And Trustworthy Responses To Inquiries

Security Is A Prime Objective When Handling Sensitive Correspondences In Your Company. Correspondence Management Solution Built On SharePoint Offers You A Multi-Level Security Approach That Keeps You In Control And Your Correspondences Secure.



Correspondence Management System for University

Correspondence Management Software SharePoint Client Profile Prince Sultan University (PSU) is the first private university in Saudi Arabia established in Riyadh by Al-Riyadh Philanthropic Society for Science and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education. The university has over 4000 students, and over 400 diversified faculty members and consists of 5 colleges. Prince Sultan University … Continue reading Correspondence Management Software for University

Microsoft SharePoint Consulting & Correspondence management system

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Sharpen your competitive edge with a quality e-correspondence system in place

Correspondence Management
System Features

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Leverage the Benefits of a Correspondence Management Solution

We are SharePoint experts helping public and private organizations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and UAE solve business challenges using Microsoft SharePoint. Being widely experienced in developing websites, intranets, document management system etc. on SharePoint, we help you with guidance and assistance in implementing a workable SharePoint correspondence management system. Organizations operate more effectively and efficiently with a SharePoint correspondence management system. We provide training for users and administrators to ensure the success of your investment in a SharePoint deployment. Our portfolio demonstrates several examples of SharePoint implementations, each of which demonstrates our vast experience in configuring SharePoint solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Neologix helps government agencies and public sector entities in the UAE to achieve an efficient and paperless work environment by improving management of all incoming, outgoing and internal official correspondence electronically.


A proper correspondence tracking and management system is crucial for handling the administrative correspondence workflow of major oil & gas companies with customers and key supply locations around the world.


Our correspondence management system helps universities to capture and store all university correspondence in an unified repository and enables employees to easily manage multiple sources of information across various departments.

Enable greater return on your SharePoint investment today



Prince Sultan University

Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia We engaged Neologix to develop a Correspondence Tracking System in Microsoft SharePoint; It’s the perfect solution for generating, tracking and

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Sharjah Govt

Sharjah Government Neologix Software Solutions has been an exceptional mobile and web design partner to help design and develop some of the apps for SEWA.

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