Internal communications Intranet, why is it important?

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Internal Communication Intranet.

This article will give you a basic information on internal communications intranet.

Recently Internal communication has become important in organisations. Unknowingly internal communication was being done internally in an organisation knowingly or unknowingly. Good internal communication ensures higher employee retention, increased productivity and happy employees.

This article will give you a small insight into how effective internal communication can be done with an Intranet Portal Software. 

A software that can handle multiple formats of communication like meetings, newsletters, project management or any type of  communication directed towards your employees

What Is Internal Communication

Let’s start with a brief definition. Internal communication is termed used for the flow of information between employees, employers and other stakeholders of any company. Internal communication brings every individual on the same page. This increases productivity and improves the coordination among workers within the organization. 

Internal communication aligns all the departments of an organization thus ensuring a smooth run of operations. The success of an organization depends on how well information is passed within the organisation.

Internal communication is required in all industries and businesses; be that a small start-up of few individuals or a multi-national company. 

It helps in achieving the company’s goals and objectives. 

This article is aimed at how an intranet portal can help improve internal communication in an organisation and why internal communication is an important function of an organisation.

Why is it important in your organisation

As per a study conducted by IBM, roughly 72% of the employees of an organisation don’t understand the company’s strategy and objectives. This can be attributed to poor internal communication. 

According to Paul Holmes – Intranet is not just a powerful news medium, but it has the power to cut through the structure of the company, which like many corporate structures erected artificial barriers between employees in different locations and different profit centres.

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Internal communication is required for multiple reasons, some of them are listed below:

1) Better coordination

Internal communication enhances the cooperation among the employer, employees and other stakeholders of any organisation. Working on a project is a lot easier and convenient when there is effective internal communication to deliver messages, announcements and news.

2) Encourage employees’ engagement

Internal communication is required to enhance the engagement of employees, their voices are heard and acted upon. It brings together all the departments on one platform, like HR, PR department, finance, Marketing etc. Keep the employees informed with the latest updates. By engaging people in feedbacks, debates other discussions on different issues you can win employee confidence.

3) Solve problems and invite ideas

Internal communication within an organisation means there is top-down as well as bottom-up communication. It is a two communication to solve problems by ensuring everyone is heard. Good communication ensures that you gain the trust of your employees.

4) Boost productivity

When all the people working within an organisation are engaged, the overall productivity of operations is dramatically improved. Working on a project is a lot easier and convenient when proper communication is done..  

5) Work on common goals and objectives

Efficient internal communication is required to bring all the people within an organisation on one page, and help them work to achieve the shared goals and objectives of the organisation.  

Planning an Internal Communication Strategy for your organisation

Now as the importance of internal communication is well justified. A well-crafted internal communication is a key to success for any organisation regardless of its size. Well planned internal communication strategy focuses on engaging your employees.

  • Identify the communication barriers
  • Identify the needs and requirements of your organisation
  • Define goals and objectives if not pre-defined
  • Specify the medium/channel for your communication (I.E. intranet, face-to-face, a news feed, Trello etc.)
  • Take the feedback from employees
  • Track the performance and take any measure required.

Out of the many channels used for internal communication, this article will solely focus on how an Intranet Portal can help. Wise use of internal communication technology paired with the type of communication will help your organisation keep employees aware and customers happy.

Internal communications intranet, how does it help?

If you aren’t familiar with internal communications intranet, then let me tell you what it is? It is a software on a private/public network that is used by employees and employers to share and store information, documents and other data. Intranet in simplest terms is the hub of every document, communication, data, staff details, and processes about your organisation.

Internal communications intranet, is specifically that part of the Intranet which helps sharing corporate information with the employees easily using software tools.

There are many ways through which the Intranet portal can be helpful for the operations of any organisations. Some of the common ways include:

  • Along with containing all the company’s documents and policies, Intranet is a hub of different activities, thereby enhancing employees engagement of its features include; video sharing, articles, polls, storyboards, events, meetings, conferences etc.
  •  Intranet is a useful tool to conduct well-established internal communication.  
  •  Intranet is a very powerful and effective tool that can handle a large amount of data.
  • Intranet is an excellent content management system

Conclusion - Internal communications intranet keeps your employees motivated and happy, which means your customers are in good hands.

To conclude there is no doubt that proper internal communication keeps people motivated to achieve organisational and personal goals. A properly implemented Internal communications Intranet portal helps you do this easily and effectively with your employees. 

With happy, motivated employees your customers will be happy which by itself is a huge return on investment on setting up such a portal. 


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