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Knowledge Management System

Build an advanced digital workplace on SharePoint to collect knowledge and create value for your business

What is a Knowledge Management System?

Knowledge management systems refer to any IT system that captures, stores, manages and retrieves data, knowledge and information to effectively improve the way things are done within an organization. The knowledge management system not only helps people to share ideas, experiences and information effectively but ensures organizational efficiency by creating value, fostering innovation and making it easier for teams to collaborate and achieve goals.

SharePoint as a Knowledge Management System

SharePoint plays a very useful role in knowledge management. SharePoint works as a content management system and an information repository that is often used as a collaborative platform within organizations. Even though your company uses Microsoft SharePoint as an intranet or for correspondence management or document management, you may not be aware of how SharePoint can be an excellent knowledge management portal. The features in SharePoint help to enhance access to secure and reliable data, information and knowledge making it quick and easy for people in your organization to learn and solve problems rather than trying to rediscover knowledge from ground zero.

Make use of your business’ collective expertise

Acquire, store and use knowledge for problem-solving, strategic planning, dynamic learning, and decision making

Benefits of Knowledge Management System

A knowledge management software (KMS) makes it easy to find and reuse relevant information, data and resources across your business and limits redundancy.

Sharing of specialist expertise results in quicker problem-solving, faster decision-making and improved organizational agility.

Access to your company’s collective intellectual capital leads to better communication, improved business processes and increased rate of innovation.

A knowledge management database helps to protect the intellectual capital of your organization for future reuse which could otherwise be lost due to employee attrition and other factors.

Better knowledge sharing leads to a competitive advantage in terms of speed of execution, accelerated delivery and increased revenues.

Features of SharePoint Knowledge Management System

SharePoint works as an advanced document management system making it an excellent repository of explicit knowledge (SharePoint wiki). Knowledge stored in the form of files can be categorized with metadata which makes it easy to search for information.

SharePoint search is a powerful feature helping people to quickly find relevant documents. The search engine crawls through all sites, pages, lists, libraries, wikis, folders and files in SharePoint to quickly display relevant information.

Enabling versioning in a SharePoint online list or document library eliminates the possibility of duplication of knowledge stored in the form of documents.

The social and collaboration features in SharePoint apps can help people connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other and enable knowledge sharing.

SharePoint knowledge management portal can be integrated with corporate systems such as the learning management system, ERP, CRM, or HR management solutions.

Are you looking for a Knowledge Management Software?

Leverage the Benefits of a Knowledge Management Solution

We are leading SharePoint consultants in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and rest of UAE helping public and private organizations of every size solve business challenges utilizing SharePoint. With over 15 years of experience working on Microsoft SharePoint developing SharePoint intranets, SharePoint portals, document management system, correspondence management system etc. on SharePoint, we can guide and assist your organization in implementing a workable SharePoint knowledge management solution. Most businesses have been able to operate more efficiently and effectively once a SharePoint knowledge management system is in place. We work with you closely to ensure that your SharePoint deployment is a success. Our portfolio demonstrates our vast experience in configuring and implementing SharePoint solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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