Mobile Employee Self Service to Mobilize Your HR Operations

Mobile Employee Self Service

Mobile Employee Self Service to manage your people on the road or on-site. Speed up administrative processes for managers and employees. Deliver key business information right on your employees’ preferred devices.

Do read our blog 10 REVEALING things about implementing the Employee Self Service System to get more idea on whether your organisation really needs an ESS system.

Sharjah Airport has implemented biometrics attendance system in the ESS to stop the secondary transmission of Corona Virus.

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Key Features

Employe Directory

Browse as well as to conduct advanced search for contacts by designation, department or employee name for information such as addresses, emergency contacts, biographical details etc. Ensure secure access to employee directory. Allow employees to update the information to minimise errors.

Time and Attendance

Efficiently track and manage employee attendance and log-in time, absences and total working hours to optimise your workforce and reduce costs. Smarter planning and accurate scheduling to avoid employee coverage gaps. Ideal for non-office based employees and remote workers.

Leave Management

Real-time information of leaves, reimbursement and claims. Flexible tools allow managers to approve or reject leaves and instantly notify approval or rejection status. Employees can check current leave balances on their smartphone/tablet and plan their vacation.

Payroll Management

Easy management of employee payroll related information, compensation and benefits. One-click access to payroll data. Consolidated employee information saves time for HR and payroll teams and increases the quality and accuracy of data. Overall simplifies the administrative process.


Access rights and restrictions are paramount when dealing with private and financial information of employees and critical business data. Our sophisticated security system covers all employees that access the system. Permission levels are set so each employee only has access to appropriate information.

News Updates

Instant notification of corporate news and events, resource updates, and recent group activity keep staff updated about latest developments in the organisation. Inform users about project status, new policies or procedures, newsletters, announcements and much more.

KPI Indicator

Graphical representation of data such as annual leave report, staff joining and exiting data, employee strength allows users to understand the objectives more effectively. The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) demonstrates to employees, how effectively the company is achieving business objectives.

Organization Hierarchy

List organisation structure based on the level of management, power or designation. Structuring organisation and displaying it in the hierarchy will allow the employees to view their superiors or subordinates enabling effective information flow between the team.

Employee Achievements

Our human resources management software highlights and recognises people for their achievements – be it a commendation for performance, a good word from the customer or an award for employee of the month. Display the star performers to boost employee morale and to achieve more.

Any company that wants to achieve great success needs to pay close attention to human capital management (HCM). If you want to make your HR processes as helpful and efficient as possible, it is critical to invest in the right tech tools for your company. Please read a blog on how a Self Service software attachment to your HRMS can really help improve the value of your organisation – Read more

Neologix is a company with a significant footprint in UAE – Dubai and Sharjah engaging in Android and iOS mobile application development and web design and development. If your organization is looking to develop a mobile and user-friendly platform for HR operations, the Neologix team is ready to deliver a mobile experience that truly enhances, enables, and empowers your mobile workforce.

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