Cost to implement SharePoint intranet portal

SharePoint for Intranet Portal
SharePoint for Intranet Portal


This article will give you an idea on the cost to implement SharePoint Intranet Portal in your organisation

Whether it is personal or professional, distance matters a lot during communication.

“It’s not the distance that keeps people apart, but lack of communication”

Communication and collaboration are challenges for small organisations. With the restrictions and new norms to work in a shared space, SME’s are looking for a permanent, secured, and internal communication channel that replaces their office space.

There are multiple online collaborative solutions for effective team communication, but can we trust the security of these tools? Larger organisations use their intranet setup for collaboration between the teams and team members, but can the smaller companies have a similar intranet set up quickly at an affordable cost?

These are common questions asked by SME’s before they start working on Intranet solutions.

  • How much does it cost to implement SharePoint intranet portal?
  • Is that possible at an affordable cost?
  • Is the intranet setup easy?
  • What are the factors considered before setting the intranet?
  • Does setting up the Intranet higher ROI of business?

The good news is yes, setting up an intranet is affordable to all.
Now we’ll discuss the cost of implementing the SharePoint and the benefits for the organisation using the SharePoint Intranet.

How SharePoint Intranet increases ROI?

You couldn’t be more wrong if you think implementing an Intranet does not increase your business values. Indeed cost varies according to the factors and environment setup, but it’s worth it for your business.

SharePoint offers installation of two different premises on-premise environment and SharePoint Online. On-premise deployments increase your upfront cost. The factors like purchasing, SharePoint installations, client access licenses, servers, and additional infrastructure costs $17,000 to $40,000 for a mid-sized business with 25-50 employees.

SahrePoint Online, the initial cost is quite low and you pay as you go. Check Microsoft SharePoint Online prices for more information. The prices here start from US$ 5 per user.

How to generate maximum business value from SharePoint?

Once you decide on the SharePoint Online plans, you would wonder how to get most of this portal?

As you decide on a SharePoint Intranet Online environment, the online environment gives you various options and tools to plan your intranet. We’ll focus on how to get a quick return on your SharePoint investment.

1) Increase connectivity:

Knowing how to keep informed and communicated, engaged with SharePoint is necessary for complete utilisation of SharePoint.

SharePoint creates live streams for your employees, ensuring live participation. Intranet focuses on getting your work done and promotes engagement. It enables live discussion through any devices like mobile, laptop or iPads.

2) File collaboration and Sharing:

A secure file collaboration environment is essential for companies with sensitive content. Stop the chain of emails by using SharePoint with teams, and OneDrive Provided by Microsoft. Managing permission, monitoring, data classifications

3) Onboarding process with New Employee On-boarding (NEO) Process:

The onboarding process in organisations is necessary to demonstrate the mission and vision of organisations to a newbie. A receptive new employee is introduced to colleges and organisation culture, assisting the hires to transit in the new role.

With New Employee On-Boarding, the onboard journey of new hires starts with connecting to people and culture, allowing stakeholders to contribute to the onboarding process. The SharePoint responsive sites are mobile-ready works on SharePoint mobile app.

4) Motivate your workforce:

A simple pat on the back of employees motivates them to work better and harder. SharePoint is similar to a social platform, along with data management it encourages sharing, caring, and recognition for good rewards and bonuses from the organisation.

Parameters affecting SharePoint Intranet Cost:

We have seen how the Online and on-prem SharePoint Intranet vary your budget, but even then there is some parameter that could affect your overall cost on Intranet Implementation.

1) Branding - Customisation vs Out of the box :

A continuously evolving Online Intranet solution, SharePoint revolves around creating the modernised look. Why you need a modernised SharePoint Intranet solution?

Modernisation is not just in looks but SharePoint helps you in modernising the branding and customisations. The modern interface provides List and library pages, Site contents page, site usage page, and recycle bin pages.

2) Online Vs On-Premise:

On-premise SharePoint has a major drawback as it requires an IT team to maintain the servers, installations, patches, etc. The Online reduces your internal resources, which means It staff can focus on impactful tasks.

SharePoint is best to transform your business process with teamwork and creativity. Managing your files and data with lists and libraries is easy with SharePoint. SharePoint provides you with power Apps to automate your business process with a point-and-click approach instead of code-based apps. With apps, data analysis, reporting creating workflows with data gets easy.

4) Implementation of Custom Solution:

Using SharePoint 2013/ 2016 is easy as it does not require a developer to create your custom solutions. You can create custom UI design, changing the look and feel of the site (called branding), adding navigation strategy, adding page contents, workflows, forms, and adding third-party solutions for your SharePoint intranet.

SharePoint offers flexibility and uniqueness, it works as a one-centre for all sharing, their tools. Collaboration, accessing information and additionally incorporating project management, board management tools, or software that requires continuity to your work. SharePoint enables you to create a one-stop solution for the entire organisation.


Implementation of SharePoint significantly varies as per your requirements. On-premise requires a team and infrastructure to maintain your licenses. This cost ranges between $17,000 to $150,000 depending upon the number of licenses. The on-premise is the best suited for larger organisations, whereas SharePoint Online provides immediate access and charges on the go and is best for the small organisation for a quick start.

SharePoint Online Intranet Portal implementation is much cheaper initially starting at about $3000 and goes up based on the features that you want to be implemented.
SharePoint provides multiple tailored customisations to fit your requirements. It creates diverse business solutions, manages data, documents, policies, upgrading, and migration all in a secured environment.

The cost to implement a SharePoint Intranet portal is completely justified. A well implemented Intranet Portal saves a lot of time for all the knowledge workers in your organisation

The complexity of the implementation lies in customisations, to enjoy the best SharePoint features, it is good to know your business requirements and get in touch with a SharePoint business consultant for its implementation.


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