SharePoint Business process automation: How SharePoint helps to automate your business processes?


SharePoint Business Process Automation, that’s what we will be talking about today.

Businesses should automate their business processes. The questions that I like to address are, What is Business process automation? Is it worth automating the business process?

Are your Business workflows not automated yet? 

Companies use business process automation (BPA) to manage various aspects of the organisation like projects, documents, workflows, and direct communication. The global digital process automation is worth $6.67 billion and could reach $12.61 billion by 2023.

When a process is executed automatically, it’s called automation. A simple definition of an automated business process is completed by software behind the scenes. The benefits that business automation has to offer is,

  1. Higher Productivity
  2. Less human intervention
  3. Reduces operational cost
  4. Reduces human error
  5. Faster ROI

If implemented correctly, these processes return better customer services and create happy employees.

SharePoint Business Process Automation

How to get the most of your process on automation?

  1. Business Process Automation speeds your business process, but don’t expect it to fix your broken process. It’s good to apply to an inefficient operation, to increase efficiency. Before you apply, it’s best to understand all the steps needed for an automation solution.
  2. Over-automation could be harmful, human touch is essential for the success of BPA. A process can be automated, but it’s still humans that are in charge of decision-making. 
  3. Don’t follow blind trends, pick an automation solution that falls in your business model. Depending on the automation mode your software should embrace the specific features you need most. 
  4. Businesses are often stuck in a hostile situation, where each part of their process, is owned by a separate service vendor. Ensure that the automation tool is capable of easy integration with other systems is essential. 

Some myths of business process automation.

1) Automation decreases flexibility:

The core requirement is your automation should be able to scale with your business. Find the right automation solution to solve and enhance your business activities. The standard feature should have a team workspace, document generation tools, contract negotiation tools, automating payment collection tools, and analytics. 

2) Automation is expensive:

Avoid platforms that make you spend your fortune for just a try. The automation feature is available the moment you create a workspace. 

3) Automation tools require technical knowledge implement:

It was true in the past. Now there are no-code business automation platforms used by the minor tech-savvy users to automate your repetitive task in a matter of minutes. Is it better for an automated platform that suits the automation of all kinds of business?

Yes, SharePoint is suitable for all businesses, creates automated workflows, tracks stages, sends a notification, and helps you collaborate with the team.

Benefits of Business Automation process

SharePoint can automate tasks that require templates and workflow.

Shifting your Business Process to SharePoint allows you to leverage your Office 365 capabilities. As office 365 is accessible from anywhere, it’s an additional advantage. It helps employees give a quick response from anywhere and decreases human interventions. 

1) Increases efficiency:

Human intervention leads to delay and increases errors. Automating reduces the intermediate work involved and reduces the additional headcount.

2) Productivity:

Automation results in an increase of speed, allowed to access anywhere policy, the employee can work from any location.

3) Morale:

Improves the work experience of employees, customers and reduces monotony. SharePoint can automate approvals or sharing files, and employees can work on innovation. Waiting for approvals can be avoided.

4) Compliance:

The automation process can be compliant and follow company regulations. It ensures employees follow the rules and regulations to avoid hefty penalties and fees.

5) Collaboration and workflow allocation: 

Communication between teams increases. They don’t rely on documents and email; the automatic updates, sending email to a group, or informing a particular group are automatically done in SharePoint business process automation.

6) Improves Insights:

Decision-making leaders get insights into the business process as we can track each activity. The standardisation of business processes ensures a free, out biased.

SharePoint Business Process Automation Workspace

How SharePoint Automates Business Process:

Enterprise CMS, SharePoint provides the content to users that are related to their organisations. SharePoint is for internal users and updates users with organisational and project activities. 

1) Document management system:

Sharing, searching, and editing shared documents is easy. It stores the metadata (data of data), it allows metasearch, document sharing or full-text search, making it easy to use for everyone in the team. The security feature is impressive as you can select a group for selected persons and avoid others. 

2) Intranet and social networking:

Make business process automation social by sharing file information with peers to collaborate faster.

3) Collaborative software:

Employees remain updated with organisational decisions as collaborative tools; with SharePoint, it’s easy to share the updates and share the organisation’s upcoming events. Your employees can share and collaborate on documents easily from anywhere and on any device.

4) Enterprise Workflows:

SharePoint works on workflows; organisations can create appropriate workflows for sharing, approvals, and manual tasks. As the workflow for a particular document progresses, assign tasks and notifications to the next responsible person. 

Automation increases the speed, efficiency, and efficacy of the process. If a function is not followed correctly, get notifications for immediate intervention. 

5) Branding: 

Make Branding easy with SharePoint. It allows the customisation of your site; Microsoft regularly updates SharePoint with the latest features, your customers, employees can enjoy the different styles and views of their internet portal. 

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SharePoint business process automation will automate your process and increases the collaboration and communication between the employees. An enterprise CMS assists in your site’s content management and branding, keeping your customers involved and happy.

Every business has room for improvement, and yours is not an exception. If you are still wondering how automation can make your business more efficient, we have all the answers you need.

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