Custom Web Apps

Neologix offers the best custom web applications development services, in accordance with the latest trends and the current market scenarios


Web Design Dubai & Web Development Services

Are you of the opinion that your website project has to be implemented by experts in Web Design? Neologix, the renowned Web Design Dubai Agency guarantees customized web design & web development services tailored as per your requirements.


Dot Net Development

With an impressive global clientele, we offer everything that you can think of. Our services are designed to adapt to all kinds of services needed on the .Net platform.


PHP Development

With over 19 years of experience, we are one of the best companies in the market, offering customized PHP solutions that are result driven.


ColdFusion Development

Over the years, Neologix has built hundreds of ColdFusion applications, from websites and intranets to full software packages. Our experienced ColdFusion developers have accumulated an extensive library of code, which increases speed and productivity of a project. We host apps on reliable and fast servers.

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