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Intranet Portal for Dubai Chambers


Neologix Software Solutions Maintain Its Tradition of Exceeding Expectations

“They were able to exceed our expectation by delivering the product 100% as per the design.”

DCC was looking for an Intranet Portal Upgrade from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016 version including re-branding and development of new Intranet Mobile Application


Setting up Development Servers and Production Server farm and Installation of SharePoint 2016 and configuration of the new SharePoint Farm Intranet Portal.

Neologix team will completely develop the home-page of new intranet. This includes the following

  1. Employee Profile Web-Part a. Employee Name (Active Directory) b. Employee Picture (Active Directory) c. Job Title (Active Directory) d. Leave Balance (Fusion Web Service available)
  2. Staff Announcements
  3. Meeting Room Booking
  4. Chamber News
  5. Staff Updates
  6. Internal Vacancies ( web-service available)
  7. TAQDEER (Employee rewarding scheme) – Web service available
  8. Staff Polls
  9. Staff Offers
  10. Prayer Timings
  11. Weather
  12. Important Numbers
  13. Photo Gallery New Chamber Intranet Mobile Application

The SharePoint consulting industry is a niche area of business that doesn’t often get the spotlight – even from people that need it. Companies can go years without realizing this missing piece to their operations, and when they do they don’t know where to start.

This is the reason why the success of any SharePoint consulting firm hinges on the happiness of their clients who they’ll depend on to spread the word for them. It’s often a slow process, but one that promises great rewards if done right and consistently.

With almost two decades of experience in the field, the Neologix team is definitely one of the more attractive prospects for partnership in this industry. But nobody got anywhere just hanging on for a long time – we need to perform. That’s what we set out to prove in our latest partnerships.

Our first project involved using a REST API, a third party integrator and an SQL database to supplement their company’s web app. This was a simple enough project that our team was able to complete within the timeline and the set budget.

The second project saw our team building an intranet portal which the client definitely saw as a challenging undertaking. This explains why they were happy to have the project completed exactly as they envisioned it in their review.

Clutch is online reviews and rating platform that allows companies just like our partners to leave their notes on our performance. This lets us and other businesses know what they think of our work and whether we’re worth partnering with. These feedbacks give us an opportunity to improve on our performance.


Upon its completion, the project lead had this to say regarding our work together.

“They were able to exceed our expectation by delivering the product 100% as per the design.” — Mr. Mendis, Application Architect of the Dubai Chamber.

In addition to this, the support of our partners also allowed us to top the list of the best ECM companies on The Manifest. They’re another businesses data aggregator that ranks the top-performing businesses per industry. 

Sharepoint is a hidden gem of a tool that companies can use to make their operations better. They just need a partner they can rely on to deliver proven high-quality services and expertise. Let us be that partner by contacting us today.

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