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What do We do?

With today’s age of web overload, it is imperative for Companies to have dynamic websites. Neologix strives to ensure that you get the best CMS solution there is to offer.

We offer unparalleled CMS customisation and implementation using well known platforms like Drupal, Kentico, Umbraco, MURA, WordPress, etc.

What we can offer

Design and creation of websites to suit any business, with real-time updates Compatibility with existing systems of the company

Create, review and publish on the spot

Web-based platform to enable easy access from any browser

Organize, categorize and integrate content as per your requirement

Built-in E-Commerce, Social Media, Email marketing tools

Why choose Neologix

Customized applications to suit your needs

Trained and dedicated team of developers who will ensure only the best

24X7 Technical support

An experienced team that can add more value to your ideas

Services right from concept to design and implementation

An experienced team with in-depth knowledge of the market

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