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ACWA Power Intelligent Reporting Tool with SharePoint


We build a system for ACWA Power that is highly scalable in nature & flexible enough so that more reports can be added with minimal efforts


  1. As companies around the world struggle with the manual effort required to keep track of numerous reports generated monthly and quarterly and often failed to identify risks in advance. ACWA Power is one of the companies operating in UAE & Saudi Arabia and closely with multiple vendors. Currently, the finance team at every organization is responsible to manage projects and risks related to audits which require more manual effort with an increase in reports.
  2. ACWA Power chose Neologix to digitalize and automate their reporting process and dashboard generation with challenging task to support both internal and external customers.


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ACWA Power is a developer, investor, co-owner and operator of a portfolio of power generation and desalinated water production plants currently with presence in 10 countries including in the Middle East and North Africa, Southern Africa and South-East Asia regions. We employ about 3,500 people with ~60% local employment. ACWA Power’s portfolio, with an investment value in excess of USD 47.6 billion, can generate 33.5 GW of power and produce 5.9 million m3 /day of desalinated water.














It’s quite difficult to analyze, collect the customer challenges and predict the risks by interacting one-to-one with the customer on a monthly and quarterly basis as the market is growing rapidly. The leadership team of ACWA Power decided to change their way of handling reports with future prediction reports for decision making and reduce human errors.

Making a decision to build an Intelligent reporting tool and to make it a ground reality they needed a partner who was both an M365 consultant and an M365 implementor. Neologix was their choice. Firstly because of the culture match, ACWA Power is a company with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Secondly because of Neologix vast experience as an M365 consultant and M365 implementor in UAE and western customers.

Designing dynamic forms (low code solution) to cater to multiple reports with predefined business rules was a challenging task that both ACWA Power and Neologix was determined to innovate and achieve 80% automation.

There were quite a number of challenges that needed to be solved

  • Design Model-driven forms to accommodate various reports based on customers’ needs
  • Ability to leverage low code solution for fast and continuous delivery
  • Design system to cater non-technical user base.
  • Build a dashboard to work seamlessly with multiple reports
  • Business process and rules to be developed for streamlining the reports
  • Handle heavy concurrent operations in the system
  • On-time notifications and reminders
  • One portal to handle all finance-related reports


Neologix provided ACWA Power with a scalable platform to solve business needs in a short span of time. Our engineers designed and developed a system that was very efficient in terms of digitalizing the existing manual system, reduce the manual efforts and highly available for both internal and external users.

The tool makes sure that reports are initiated automatically to the customer and tracked every month, quarter and ad-hoc basis. This ensured that all reports are recorded in the system and customers are not missed out which is critical.

Automated business flows are implemented which sends notifications to respective parties whenever an action is required from their end. In fact, this increases the overall report quality and high customer satisfaction as everyone is kept aware of the things they need to work on.

Creative dashboards are created for leadership teams to use and take decisions based on the reports. It also helps them to visualize the reports and identify risks by monitoring companies at region/ project level.


The key benefits to the client after implementing the solution are

Customer finds it easy to submit a digital form with one click rather than excels

Step by step process guidance and notifications played a critical role in increasing the form submission rate compared to the older method

All the parties were informed at every stage as right information helped them to make the right decisions at critical points

Client experienced higher satisfaction with the new model as it provided much needed quantitative data

As the system took care of notifications, scheduling reports to customers and dashboard generation, a lot of manual efforts needed were drastically reduced

Human errors were minimal as the designed system provided more accurate and relevant data

The build system is highly scalable in nature that it is flexible enough to add more reports with minimal efforts


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The technologies used are

  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI
  • Azure


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