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Largest Super Market in Botswana!



As governments around the world were preparing to contain COVID-19, grocery stores around the word were overloaded and often failed to cater to its customer needs. So was Choppies the largest grocery store in Botswana Africa. The local government had put a lockdown on public places to curb the deadly virus. Choppies had very little time to get ahead of the game to implement an online grocery solution to serve its customers.

Choppies chose Neologix to implement their online grocery solution with a challenging deadline of going live in 10 Days!


Choppies Enterprises Limited is a Botswana multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer headquartered in Gaborone, Botswana. Initially selling only food-based (both fresh groceries and wholesale long-life foods) and other fast-moving consumer goods. The group owns a centralised, in-house distribution network in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya.


It’s difficult to predict how a market reacts to every emergency. All we can do is predict the emergency at hand and make decisions. The management of Choppies Enterprises was spot on when they decided to add an online channel to their physical stores.

Making a decision to start an eCommerce store to make it a ground reality they needed a partner who was both an eCommerce consultant and an eCommerce implementor. Neologix was their choice. Firstly because of the culture match, Choppies is a company with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Secondly because of Neologix vast experience as an eCommerce consultant and eCommerce implementor in UAE and western customers.

Planning our response to fast-changing constraints was one of the main challenges that both Choppies and Neologix faced together.

There were many challenges to overcome in a very short time.

  • Synchronising their vast product database to the online eCommerce platform.
  • Ability to also cater to a non-tech savvy Customer base
  • Inventory Management to work seamlessly with the store ERP
  • Placing orders to the nearest Choppies store to reduce delivery time and cost
  • Easy payment systems which suites both Choppies and the customer
  • Dashboards for store managers to ensure packaging and deliveries can be planned efficiently
  • Creating and training Choppies existing personals on processes from Order placement to final delivery and payment.
  • Policies and procedures to be developed for unexpected challenges in running the operations.
  • Handle heavy traffic during peak hours.
  • Mobile application for grocery delivery


Neologix provided Choppies with a robust platform for multi-channel grocery ordering. In a short span of time Neologix and its team of engineers got 75% of their 45000 product database online with an easy to use online grocery solution which worked on all platforms!

The solution ensured that the orders placed were sent to the nearest Choppies store so that customers could receive their groceries right on time. This ensured better customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

We also implemented payment modes which worked best for the customer and Choppies. Neologix also tried to liaise with a few other payment systems to start their operations in Botswana and are still in talks to speed up the implementation of easier payment gateways for all businesses to flourish in the region.

We created a training plan and worked with the store managers to ensure that they use all the dashboards to ensure no products are missed and the delivery is done on time with the highest quality. In-fact even the CEO of Choppies was kind enough and dedicated enough to make orders right till the day before the public launch of the website.

Neologix is always a team member to our customers and we as a team were successful in launching the online grocery software for Choppies in record 10 Days.


It’s very soon to actually document any business benefits, to start with there was a huge boost to the Choppies brand in the region and being able to stand up to the calamity by using technology was commended by a lot of media houses and government agencies.

Choppies managed to mitigate the damage which could have happened because of the strong lockdown enforced by the government.

From a business, perspective orders have been increasing on a day to day basis, and like any new start there were glitches but the online grocery solution captured customer feedback and helped Choppies to fine-tune its processes and satisfy its customers!

Its a beginning but Choppies and Neologix are bound to overcome the hurdles that come as we are targeting close to 15000 orders a month at the end of 6 months.


Check out our grocery features page to learn more about all the features of the online grocery software


  • PHP
  • iPhone Native App
  • Android Native App
  • MySQL
  • AWS

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