Unmatchable expertise of .Net technologies

Dot Net Development

Scalable, Customizable and flexible services

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We are skilled and experienced in the Dot Net framework, and our developers have worked extensively to bring the best of the Microsoft Platform. With an impressive global clientele, we offer everything that you can think of. Our services are designed to adapt to all kinds of services needed on the .Net platform.

We have worked in varies niches and have designed website and applications with the best in the market. Not to forget, we stress extensively on project management, ensuring our clients always have the knowledge of the development and support process. Our technical team works around the clock, checking our websites and web services so that they are running and performing at the best.


Our services include

  • Programming and designing using .NET
  • Web-based applications migration to .NET
  • Windows Application Development in .NET
  • Development and Enhancement of existing applications
  • Desktop and Web applications
  • CRM systems
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Development of Web services
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Application migration from VB 6.0 to VB.NET
  • Databases- MySQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle
  • AJAX based application solutions

Why Choose Neologix for .Net Development?

We are experts of the Microsoft .NET suite, bringing the most suitable and customized solutions for distributed applications and web-based applications. We also work on a number of web based applications and have extensive knowledge of the desktop applications in this framework.

Why Choose neologix

Unmatchable expertise of .Net technologies

Customized solutions for .Net applications

Best support services

Best pricing for projects within customer budget

A team of trained Microsoft .Net professionals with diverse experience

Scalable, Customizable and flexible services

A global clientele

Unparalleled project management and control

ASP.NET is the master web application framework from Microsoft that is designed for crafting some of the best web applications and dynamic web sites. This is one of the sturdiest and vigorous software development technology that comes with all kinds of advanced management tools and other things that are needed to design high-end web related apps, websites and services. What makes Microsoft Dot Net a true winner is the scalability of the platform which empowers the developers to create functional and productive solutions in the application development process.

Dot Net is a complete web development and software scaffold that is available for creating safe and secure solutions, ensuring that there is no issue in using the framework for advanced website development. It reduces the amount of coding for large applications, making it possible for developers to save time. Also, the Developers have access to .NET Framework Library and can easily configure apps without much effort. Accessing data and applications through Internet devices is also easy with this platform.

Confused in choosing the right partner for Dot Net development services? Neologix is your right companion for Dot Net development services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

We look forward to answer queries on our .Net Development services and want to hear from our esteemed customers. 

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