Resolve Your Company’s Correspondence Management Problems


Manually dealing with huge volumes of incoming and outgoing business correspondence can lead to higher processing time, increased managing and monitoring costs for organizations and inefficient service quality.

Major challenges faced in handling these huge volumes of correspondences include

  • Lost Correspondences
  • Difficulty searches correspondences
  • Increased time & inefficiencies in processing requests

Business Needs Addressed by Correspondence Management Solution

A correspondence management solution automates and facilitates incoming and outgoing correspondence movement electronically. It provides the central repository that stores all paperwork in both electronic and physical formats, and provides a flexible method of creating, managing and moving electronic correspondence among the organization’s various departments. As a result, all official communications reach the right people in a timely, accurate, convenient, relevant and secure manner.

This helps your business to minimize risk and cost associated with document assembly and delivery by a process that is streamlined for ease, speed, and productivity.

Requirements of a Good Correspondence Management Solution

  • Ability to effectively capture, track and manage all incoming and outgoing enterprise correspondence.
  • Ability to send correspondence via preferred communication channel, whether electronic, mail, mobile, or fax.
  • Data search and filtering to easily locate and access any administrative communications or business information that users are looking for.
  • Ability to support simple to complex approval and review processes by routing all correspondence through a structured process.
  • Integration with the organization’s enterprise content management (ECM)/document management system (DMS) to centrally archive all the correspondence; also integration with workflow which helps to improve collaboration and document sharing between users and various departments.
  • Protecting sensitive information related to business correspondence assets with industry standard end-to-end document security for compliance and legal obligations.
  • Responsive user interface to enhance end-user experience on multi-platform and multi-device mode making it easy to create, track and manage correspondence.

Why Correspondence Management Matters

Correspondence management is a key business function for organizations across industries. From government, retail, travel, banking and insurance to healthcare, communicating with constituents or clients through correspondence is a necessity.

But despite this basic need, many enterprises have not fully leveraged new software capabilities such as Microsoft SharePoint based CMS to automate majority of their routine correspondence processes.

CASE STUDY: Integration of CMS to a SharePoint intranet portal to deal with all incoming and outgoing correspondences for a major regional Arab financial institution.

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Solutions such as CMS provides your organization with efficient and cost-effective management plus seamless automation of all your incoming and outgoing correspondence from within a single platform. Schedule a meeting to discuss how we can help you solve your organisations correspondence management problems. Read More…

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