Correspondence Tracking System – Why Your Company Needs One?

What is a Correspondence Tracking System?

Correspondence tracking system manages all incoming and outgoing correspondences relating to a whole organization or tracks correspondence for specific projects. The system captures all official business correspondences originating from different sources and in different forms and converts into electronic documents or files. They then route them to relevant users based on their access rights and roles.

Take full control of all your correspondences! Track correspondence from a variety of different sources like scanned documents, emails, electronic documents. Contact us for a quick demo of our Correspondence Tracking System!

The ability to effectively capture, track and manage various types of enterprise correspondence drives efficiency of the workforce via increased productivity, flexibility and adaptability. Meanwhile, many processes that rely on physical paper-based methods of communication are turning obsolete. Above all, more companies are moving on to electronic methods of correspondence tracking and management.

25% of enterprise paper documents that are misplaced will never be located.

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Benefits of Correspondence Tracking System

CTS Solution

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Does your Organisation need a Correspondence Tracking System?

Organizations in the public sector and even private organizations need a system that streamlines the complete lifecycle of correspondence from origination to distribution. A system to capture all Correspondence originating from different sources and in different forms. Route them to respective departmental officials. Capture all notes and observations made by the officials in the file, organize and remain intact throughout its lifetime. Archive all the correspondences in a central repository and accessed anytime for making informed decisions at short notice. Tagging of correspondence facilitates real-time tracking and generation of on-demand status reports, which ensures total accountability.

A correspondence tracking system built on SharePoint has capabilities for sorting, processing, storing & communicating correspondences across departments and locations.

Read a case study about how Neologix successfully implemented a correspondence tracking system to deal with all incoming and outgoing correspondences for a major University in Saudi Arabia.


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