Tips to Build a Successful Intranet Portal

How to Build a Successful Intranet Portal in your company?

Company intranet software is a collaboration and communication tool that has evolved over the years from what was initially a bundle of applications working together as a document management system along with tools to facilitate information sharing and electronic messaging. Today corporate intranets have taken over as an essential business tool that includes more process-specific business applications and various management tools. The ever-increasing popularity of the office intranet and its globally recognized importance in organizations worldwide can be attributed to its ability to deliver bottom-line benefits across industries by increasing efficiency, raising productivity, cutting costs and increasing the morale of the workforce.

Implementation of Company Intranet Software

Here we discuss tips to build a successful Intranet Portal in your organisation and deliver value to a business.

Align Intranet with Business Strategy:

The intranet is the only application (apart from Microsoft Office) that is used by every employee in the organization. Hence it is important that your intranet should be aligned to your corporate strategy. For example, to achieve a company objective of strong and timely execution, the intranet should be able to deliver real-time content and enable informed decision making. As a core platform for companies, a successful intranet must provide an enterprise front door, deliver internal communication, foster collaboration and staff engagement, provide trusted information and promote the organization’s culture.

Integrate Business Processes

Building an intranet that can meet all your business requirements and achieves all of your company’s objectives is a complex task requiring a wide range of skills. Therefore it makes sense to integrate all your key business processes in the company intranet so as to deliver value to your organization and the people working there. Business processes such as connecting people; accessing organizational forms, templates and documents; authoring, publishing and accessing content; project management; learning and training, HR processes; employee onboarding etc. are more effective in increasing engagement when delivered via the company intranet software.

Engaging Home Page

The intranet home page design is critical as it functions as the main window to the functionality, content and tasks within your company intranet. For your corporate intranet to be successful in attracting employees as well as for quick intranet adoption, the intranet home page should be engaging, interactive for employees, attractive as well as user friendly with content easy to find. The perfect intranet homepage must primarily deliver key information, facilitate collaboration, emphasize good navigation and reflect community and culture.

Keep Content Relevant

An intranet document management system allows employees not only to upload and manage documents in their own company intranet but provides a centralized repository for organizational and work-related content. Ensuring that the company intranet is easy to add and edit content for intranet users with varying IT abilities or other non-technical users can reduce the burden on the IT team for the long-term running of an intranet and also ensures the content is relevant and kept up-to-date. For your corporate intranet to be successful, the content must be aligned to the needs of your users, must stay updated and easy to find, communicate your brand, values and mission, resolve key internal queries and empower your employees to work better.

Effective Enterprise Search

Finding accurate information is one of the most time-consuming tasks your employees undergo. Once they find the content, it needs to be ensured that it is up-to-date and relevant. Optimizing your company intranet with an effective enterprise search function allows employees to focus on their jobs while reducing the time spent on digging for information. To deliver accurate and faster search results, your corporate intranet software must have content tagging, search filters, full-text indexing and advanced search functionalities such as auto-suggestion and search preview.

Build Intuitive Navigation

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Design for End-User

When designing your corporate intranet, it is important to consider what the end-user might need, how they are going to actually utilize the platform and for which purpose. For your office intranet to be recognized as useful in the workplace, a strict user-centric perspective must be maintained while designing the intranet.

Choosing the Best Company Intranet Software

The ultimate purpose of social intranet portal is to drive user adoption by allowing people to effectively collaborate at work. By focusing on the above-stated tips while choosing the best company intranet software, most organizations can increase user adoption and add to the purpose of implementing a social intranet in their organization. Speak with one of our intranet experts to learn how your organization can achieve greater collaboration and improved productivity by moving to a SharePoint intranet or for information about successful intranet implementation for your company.

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