SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the leading enterprise content management (ECM) platforms on the market and a popular choice among enterprises. Many clients are looking to replace their legacy ECM business solutions with the SharePoint platform. ECM features within SharePoint integrates the management capabilities of SharePoint with the familiar tools of the Microsoft Office system. This helps enterprises capture documents digitally, store documents in a digital repository, retrieve documents, regardless of device or location, automate document-driven processes, secure documents, reduces organizational risk and improves business efficiency by letting users keep track of their documents and files, media, etc. from any location. ECM software can be helpful for enterprises in areas such as contracts management, correspondence trackingdocument managementhuman resources automation etc.

SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management with SharePoint platform helps by providing tools to organize and manage content throughout the content life cycle, right from creation to archiving.

  • Document versioning
  • Enhanced document security
  • Document sharing
  • Content Auditing
  • Reduced storage requirements
  • Powerful search & retrieval
  • Optimized media libraries
  • Centralized repositories
  • Metadata management
  • Enforced regulatory compliance
  • Workflow automation
  • Access control
  • Electronic forms
  • Retention policies
  • Personalized profiles

Why Enterprises trust SharePoint for ECM

  • Enterprise-grade capabilities and ease of use drive higher end user engagement and deliver greater business value
  • Advanced collaborative and ECM features increase efficiency
  • Provides a more comprehensive set of enterprise capabilities than most other solutions
  • It costs less to implement and maintain
  • Requires less effort to use and deploy, highly scalable solution
  • Provides easier integration with Microsoft enterprise environments
  • Lowers total cost of ownership including lower maintenance and licensing costs

Does your company use SharePoint for ECM?

For medium to large organizations planning to implement a cost-effective ECM solution for improving the storage, management, and monitoring of documents relating to everyday business processes, SharePoint stands out as a platform with more comprehensive features than any other ECM solution. Sharepoint ECM software can be customized to meet the specific content management needs of any industry. It is important to understand the business requirements to design a SharePoint ECM system that helps to make the business become more productive, competitive and efficient. The planning for  enterprise content management system will include metadata, governance, security and other issues necessary for a successful enterprise-grade rollout. It is also important to set up the SharePoint platform in such a way that it can scale and perform and then plan for the ECM-specific features and structure.

Speak with one of our SharePoint experts to learn how your organization can capitalize on the incredible benefits and savings by moving to an ECM built on SharePoint and streamline your company’s workflow.

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