Why Do Companies Need Intranet?


What is the Importance of Intranets?

An intranet is the hub of collaboration in many large organisations. But then why do companies need Intranet? It enables internal communication and collaboration across locations and time zones and hence it is one of the most important reasons for boosting productivity and driving employee engagement in any organisation.

An intranet portal would allow you to communicate information, resources or news to your employees faster, as well as allows your employees to collaborate and communicate with each other. Your employees can engage with and access these resources on a whole new level that is simply not possible with email alone. With intelligent intranet tools, it is possible to track engagement to see how employees are engaging with your intranet.

Some Examples of Intranets

  • Public Sector Intranet
  • Educational Intranet
  • Non-Profit Intranet
  • HR intranet
  • Real Estate Company Intranet
  • IT Department Intranet
  • Social Intranet
  • Intranet for Law Firms
  • Financial Intranet Software

Objectives of Intranet Portal

Facilitates Clear Communication:

A corporate intranet portal helps to break down the many communication barriers that exist between management, departments and employees. This allows managers to provide constructive feedback to their staff and helps in improving interaction at all levels. This greater transparency allows you to identify core issues, gather more information and helps make the best decisions for your business.

Delivering Collaboration Tools:

A modern intranet enables centralized access to all the communication tools and information employees need to keep in touch within and across teams to perform their jobs – work management, shared documents and templates, line-of-business applications, calendars, contacts, etc.

Information Repository:

Intranet is a place were sensitive documentation, information and resources are efficiently organised and managed in one secure space. It helps to store and access files such as HR policies, procedure manuals, templates, documents related to proprietary intellectual property etc. With intranet document management system, a dashboard lets you view all the information at a glance, track documents, or search for a particular item or topic quickly.

Employee Directory:

Intranet helps employees connect and network with each other through live chat, message boards, status updates, skills tagging, employee profiles and subscription alerts for true corporate social networking. A company directory securely stores and displays people’s images along with information on their position. Interactive employee profiles helps employees to find colleagues either by searching name, department, division or tags associated with the individual with the results being displayed in real-time.


The modern-day social intranet software provides a single collaboration hub at company workplaces that helps in accurate business management and effective communication. Not only does social intranet serve as a communication platform, but also it helps employees perform their duties rapidly and effectively. Contact us for a free demo and consultation of Intranet Portal.

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