How can SharePoint Increase Productivity for my Organisation?


Meet SharePoint – The Productivity Workhorse for your Organisation

Setting Smart Goals for SharePoint Productivity


Microsoft itself describes SharePoint as Collaboration, Portal, SearchEnterprise Content Management (ECM) , Business process management (BPM) and Business intelligence (BI), so again a lot to chose from.

Microsoft SharePoint is built to increase productivity and improve collaboration throughout your organization. SharePoint simplifies everyday business activities by enabling content sharing and collaboration, intranet and extranet portals, improved business intelligence solutions and advanced search functionality, thereby, ensuring increased overall productivity across the workforce. The SharePoint platform is a valuable addition to any business environment since it encourages individuals and organizations to discover, share and collaborate smarter across multiple devices and dramatically increase the overall productivity of your workforce.

How SharePoint Improves Productivity

SharePoint Workflows

SharePoint Workflows facilitate and streamline day to day tasks for your employees, helping them work faster and more productively, while freeing up a lot of their time. SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 have more customizability than Office 365 with out-of-the-box workflow tools which help in designing workflows aimed at streamlining routine activities.

SharePoint Document Management

SharePoint Document Management can change the way your teams handle documents and help your office become free of overflowing file folders and disorganized documents. A paperless office will not only change the culture of your workplace but sharply improve productivity by encouraging uniformity in document handling from beginning to end. It is also easier to find the right documents while preventing document duplication with a document management system in place.

SharePoint Intranet Portal

SharePoint Intranet Portal facilitates fast and easy collaboration by providing a single window to access services and information scattered across the organization. It ensures connectivity among your teams, provides all employees easy access to document information and enables them to get in touch with the right resources.

Correspondence Management System

Correspondence Management System on SharePoint can help your organization to realize ROI within a year with smart capabilities for processing, sorting, storing and communicating correspondences across departments and locations. Not only does it help reduce paper usage, but optimizes content production and ensures a faster and more efficient correspondence process.

SharePoint Meeting Management

SharePoint Meeting Management: More organizations are looking to meeting management software for a standardized approach to help improve meeting effectiveness and efficiency with better preparation, organization, structure and archiving. Online meeting management app allows users to collaborate with one another before, during, and after an actual meeting by creating tasks, agendas, and notes, as well as tracking attendance helping enterprises to increase productivity.

Does My Organization Need SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaborative web platform made by Microsoft which has the potential to change the way your employees collaborate at work. It is a great solution for companies looking to solve productivity issues or problems that lead to inefficiency and can be tailored to work according to your needs – whether it be a intranet, secure document management or for collaboration with internal or external stakeholders. With SharePoint, your company can now have a mechanism to automate key work processes, store documents and track information.

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Microsoft SharePoint is one of the leading enterprise content management (ECM) platforms on the market and a popular choice among enterprises. Many clients are looking to replace their legacy ECM business solutions with the SharePoint platform. ECM features within SharePoint integrates the management capabilities of SharePoint with the familiar tools of the Microsoft Office system.

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