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Looking for the Best Document Management Software?

For a company looking to maximize workflow and collaboration by centralizing all business information on a digital platform, implementing a document management software solution is the best step to take. It is also important that you find the right platform to manage your digital documents. You may often see references to document management software, document management systems, and document management solutions. Despite the different names that may appear confusing, they all perform the same tasks. Here we discuss how to find and implement a document management system that matches your organizational needs and delivers the best results:

Things to look for in a Document Management Solution:

  1. Easy-to-use file structure
  2. Advance search capabilities
  3. Intuitive user interface
  4. External system integrations
  5. Document versioning
  6. Shared folders
  7. Intelligent data capture
  8. Rigorous security protocols
  9. Document control process
  10. Co-authoring functionality
  11. Cloud accessibility
  12. Mobile compatibility
  13. Document import tools
  14. Audit logs
  15. File retention
  16. Revision history
  17. Offline access
  18. Comprehensive workflow

1. Storage and Collaboration

Based on your organisation’s requirements, the document management software you select should be able to store and support documents in a wide variety of file types. The DMS should also provide tools to help organize these files and also find documents meeting certain user-defined criteria with minimum amount of effort or system resources. Key features such as smart search, tagging and customizable key fields are important for data tracking and improved reliability of documents. A document management solution on Microsoft SharePoint can aid collaboration efforts such as simultaneously working on a document with another user, sharing documents or viewing changes that will improve your teams’ efficiency.Determine Specific Document Management Needs.

2. Sharing, Signature, and Approvals

In some organisations, a DMS can also work as a correspondence management system where from a workflow perspective, specific types of documents need to be routed to personnel in various departments who need to complete or approve them. Features such as e-signature is a common requirement for many businesses to verify workflow between in-house staff and to finalize engagement with customers or partners. Functionality such as check-in and check-out helps prevent editing overlap by locking access once a file has been downloaded by a user.

3. Security and Compliance

Security is a major factor when evaluating a document management software for any business, regardless of ownership, segment or geographic location. Advanced security features are a must for companies with compliance or legal concerns, including government organizations, financial entities, schools and medical practices. A SharePoint document management system can provide more advanced features such as advanced permission capabilities, audit trails, enterprise authentication tools and operating system level data protection features.

4. Efficiency and Integration

The ideal document management system should offer enterprise-level file management capabilities, including document routing, retention, administrative control and a host of features such as workflow functionality, advanced security and integration with other business systems. This is meant to simplify and streamline document management-related tasks to increase efficiency and accuracy. Advanced DMS softwares also have mobile apps that offer either limited or nearly full functionality. SharePoint Online features not only iOS and Android apps but also the Windows Mobile version too. Users can view and sign documents and even fill forms via the mobile user interface.

5. Support and Compatibility

The document management software that you choose should be scalable to meet your future requirements in terms of amount of electronic document storage and number of users. The best DMS is the one that gives you compatibility with a wide range of hardware and software platforms and gives you flexibility to store and manage documents in any file format. A popular document management system such as SharePoint allows users to take maximum advantage of the familiar Microsoft Office tools that they use every day to create, manage and share content

Finding the Right Partner

In order to find the right DMS software, you need to choose a vendor who can find out the exact pain points for your organization in terms of document management. The vendor should be able to gain a good understanding of your business workflow to identify how your goals can be achieved by rethinking your company’s document workflow by automating and streamlining processes through a tailor-made solution in order to align them with your organizational goals.

Document Management Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE

Whether your business is small, medium or a large corporation, an efficient document management solution such as SharePoint DMS can impact on how you do business. Implementing the right document management software solution will not only increase your company’s agility but also automate time-consuming processes and increase access to essential information resulting in a faster, more competitive operation.

Investing in a document management system can be a big decision both strategically and financially. The right consultants should be able to provide unbiased and objective solutions that meets your company needs. As an experienced Dubai and Sharjah based document management consultancy in UAE, Neologix is well poised to offer the latest document management solutions to organizations across industries. We will help assess your existing IT requirements by getting a document workflow audit to get your organization a document management system that will drive the business outcomes you expect through business process optimisation and leading document management solutions. To get started with finding a suitable document management system for your company or to learn more about our document management solutions and services, just give us a call at +971-5-210-43226, or simply fill out the Contact Us form today.

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