Benefits of Using a Document Management System


What is a Document Management System?

A document management system makes it quick and simple for your organisation to access critical information via a single point of access. As the number of documents continues to increase, a document management system unifies electronic and paper files, allowing your organisation to modernize, keep records secure and experience higher levels of efficiency. By electronically managing the creation, storage and controlling of documents, organisations can become better equipped to collaborate, manage and distribute information.

Benefits of a Document Management Software:

If your business lacks an electronic document management to manage information, it is missing out on the following benefits:

Centralized Information:

With no standardized system for storing and managing information, documents may move throughout an organisation within its various departments making it difficult to effectively manage documents and workflow. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are plagued by these poor document management practices. This is where benefits of having an electronic document management system in place comes into the picture. A DMS offers a centralized system for managing and storing company documents and is designed to improve the information workflow throughout the organisation. Not only does it provide users the benefit of greater accessibility to critical documents but also ensures that the most up-to-date documents are being stored and used.

Convenient Retrieval

Retrieving critical information from piles of physical documents or even digital documents stored in files and folders can be stressful, time consuming and unpredictable. Well-archived and indexed documents and records allow easy retrieval of information as and when it is required. This can be achieved by combining a robust document management system with scanning automation tools so that information is properly indexed based on its metadata. Electronic document management thus makes it easy for critical business information to be quickly searched, retrieved and shared with other people in the organisation across a network, intranet or even the internet.

Version Control

In a collaborative DMS with features such as version control, the need to manually version files becomes redundant. It also eliminates ad hoc naming conventions such as using numbers or dates in file names to manage different file versions. Digital document management ensures that all versions of a document are preserved while at the same time giving instant visibility to the most recent version. With document control, it is also possible to monitor who made changes to a document, when the change was made, and what was modified.

Enhanced Document Security:

One of the major benefits of adopting a document management software for your company is file security. Company documents can contain critical business information and other confidential data, such as employee personal details. A DMS software helps by preventing unauthorized persons to gain access to this information which can lead to business or legal damages or even cause irreversible harm to your business. With permission settings that only allow authorized users to access certain documents, data encryption, and tracking user behavior, a document/records management system can help safeguard confidential business information effectively.

Regulatory Compliance:

The use of electronic DMS helps companies to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and legal requirements which is a day to day process. It also helps mitigate the risk of litigation and financial responsibility when any deviations are detected in regulatory compliance. This is crucial for any organisation since noncompliance can adversely impact the continuity of the organisation and can even lead to significant penalties.

Better Collaboration:

A document management system can work as a collaborative content management system allowing an entire team to work on the same master document from anywhere in the world. This can be done using any device, even mobile to collaborate on documents. Integrated collaboration tools make co-authoring of documents easy and efficient with the added benefit of version control and tracking.

Cost Reduction:

If your organisation still relies on hard copies or paper based documentation, you’re probably spending much on operational costs. Having an electronic DMS in place can help reduce costs by freeing up office space for more productive uses rather than for storage. Electronic documents eliminate the need to create multiple copies of the same document for interdepartmental filing and storage. A master copy of the document can be stored in a centralized repository from where it is accessibile to all authorized users thereby saving money spent on printing, supplies and equipment. Also automated workflows help streamline many business processes in sales, accounting, HR departments and customer service thereby saving on personnel time.

Document Management Solutions in Dubai, UAE

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