SharePoint as a Document Management System

SharePoint as a document management system
SharePoint as a document management system

The SharePoint document management system integrates familiar tools and collaboration features of the Microsoft Office 365  system. This allows employees in your organization to efficiently share and collaborate, store and archive documents, and also eliminate outdated records.

Benefits of Using SharePoint as a Document Management System

  • Repository of Information– SharePoint is designed to be an intranet building and collaboration tool. Moreover, it is intended to serve as a secure central repository to store and organise all kinds of important documents. This can be further viewed, accessed and shared with other team members. Some of the world’s leading businesses use SharePoint for intranet, document management and multiple business requirements due to the scalability and customisation it offers.
  • Security of Documents– The powerful capabilities of SharePoint makes it a good solution for large-scale organisations that are already Microsoft-dependent. The most common area of concern for such enterprises is the possibility of business-sensitive information being exposed to the wrong people. A SharePoint document management system helps you to safeguard data through its stringent security policies. The system restricts who can see specific documents, provides role-based security, user ID and password management, automatic logoff settings, audit control, data encryption, and certifications.
  • Access it Anywhere– With your document management system on SharePoint Online, users can easily access files anytime. Using smartphones and tablets, employees can access information, share and work on documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Seamless Integration– Document management system SharePoint integrates seamlessly between different programs or platforms that you already use, such as your customer relationship management software or email client. This further helps to directly send files and documents to customers, vendors and colleagues.

DMS capabilities of SharePoint

SharePoint enterprise document management system ensures better cross-functional collaboration across the organisation. Here are some features that one needs to look into:-

  • SharePoint Metadata – This feature helps the user identify relevant facts about the documents such as document author, purpose, date of creation, date of modification, etc. The metadata properties of SharePoint helps in improved content discoverability, increased flexibility and metadata navigation could be further used to search for documents.
  • Metadata Navigation – This feature helps users find different types of documents easily from large lists or libraries of documents by using a navigation tree. Users can also apply filters to refine the list of items to display in combination with the navigation tree.
  • Site Content Type – Site owners can create content types to categorize different kinds of folders, lists or documents. E.g., invoice, purchase, estimates, receipts, and quotes. This SharePoint document management feature allows the meaningful organization of content. The same capabilities can be associated with your content across your document management system.
  • SharePoint Search – This critical document management feature allows users to enter search queries and view search results. These are presented in a way that makes content easier to find. Also, site owners can set permission in search settings to only see search results they have access to.

Enterprise Document Management on SharePoint

Unlike traditional software, using SharePoint as a document management system helps organisations store essential documents and helps manage and organise the growing volumes of content effectively. The collaborative repository presented by the document management system lets authors create content, files, and documents and store it safely. The ease of retrieval and powerful search functionality boosts productivity and enhances the overall user experience.

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