What goes into for rapid mobile app development

Mobile app development
Mobile app development

The use of Mobile apps accelerates solutions to solve business problems and encourages for greater innovation. Because of the securely accessible and consumable method of operations, people nowadays use these devices that last for an entire day and make information valuable. New methods are adopted by mobile apps through which the people can access any information they want right when they actually need it. Enterprises find it as a great opportunity to take advantage of things like localized information and reach customers.

Blood Donor Finder is a free application developed by Neologix that helps users in need for blood to find nearest donors. This app is intended to gather the biggest database possible of blood donors in the world.

City Remit, an app developed by Neologix in association with State Bank of Travancore, provides the up to date AED – INR conversion rate offered by City Exchange to their high-value customers for a given value date. It also provides the current Board Rate.

The difficult area of the mobile app is getting executive buy-in. You have to elaborate on the opportunity that mobile provides to the company. The risk involved in mobilizing all of your existing processes should be figured out and the solutions should be prepared ready should also be provided to the companies.

Delivering a mobile app to market without an API/backend layer doesn’t seem realistic. As user expectations these days are off the charts as well, a different level of need is driven on the backend.

A mobile application performance monitoring (APM) tool is critical to deliver, maintain and exceed user expectations. Repetition is also a key part of mobile app development.

Mobile Platform applications are best for enterprises that wish to spread out multiple applications on a single infrastructure, scaled to the size of their current mobile field force and available in an online and offline mode. Higher-level languages and easy development templates are provided by mobile platforms to simplify and speed the mobile application development timeframe, requiring less programming knowledge for mobile business application deployment.

The company operation and the way of working of people can be transformed to a higher level by mobile apps. Enterprise mobile application development is implied in determining what mobile apps an organization’s employees and customers are using and why. Mobile business apps have the potential to make or break the IT departments. A developed-in-house mobile app can provide small businesses with a competitive advantage.

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