Mobile app Development Trends Worldwide: What you need to know


As new apps are emerging day by day from various mobile developers across the world, app economies are flourishing across the world. The smart phones have transcended non smart phones sales worldwide. Let’s take a look at some of the trends driving app economies around the world.

What Platforms are app developers using where?

An estimate count of 2.3 million people is working as mobile app developers around the world as stated in a report from Vision Mobile in London. Asia is the continent with largest number of people working as mobile app developers, which is 32.9 percent of the total count. Europe and North America comes second and third with 29.7 percent and 29.4 percent of the global developer population.

Let’s try to find out what is driving sales in the mobile app market?

The advance in the number of mobile devices is one of the reasons that are responsible for getting an ample customer base for mobile app developers as they can float an idea and can prepare inventive projects in mobile app development. The rise of mobile app development has streamlined our life in all ways and in all sectors like business, shopping, travel, or communication etc which the mobile app developers find encouraging in their try quest for developing new ventures.

The dictatorship of iOS on Android has started reducing as Android development is showing rapid growth and extremely high performance. According to recent reports, most of the countries across the world except North America prefer Android and HTML5 than iOS. The HTML5 can be easily ported to multiple platforms. However, in the mobile app developers, the iOS developers remain the most loyal as many more apps are still developed in “iOS first”. With the rapid growth of mobile app market, opportunities came in front of mobile developers to expose their app in the world market. An app that has not done well in one region might do well in some other region, thus can increase their revenue. The mobile app developers should not only focus their marketing through Apple App Store and Google Play Store, but they also try to market their apps through regional app stores, such as Wandoujia in China, which has half million new users signing up to download their apps.

A Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) may provide native, Web and hybrid app development capabilities as well as mobile application management (MAM) tools for deploying and securing apps. IT departments want to build cross-platform mobile apps that take advantage of existing data stores. Application programming interfaces (APIs) provide the connective tissue between those databases and mobile applications.


One among the most preferred platform used by mobile app developing companies building for various clients is PhoneGap. The best example is Wikipedia, which used PhoneGap for its app on Android, iOS and Playbook.


If a mobile development company requires building multiple applications for various types of mobile devices and deploying them as a cloud service, Antenna’s Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP) is a good option. AMP is composed of a development studio together with a scalable cloud runtime service and set of clients that run on a wide array of mobile devices.

JQuery Mobile

Enterprises that foresee the use of open source mobile Web framework that will allow them to leverage existing jQuery skills, jQuery Mobile is the best solution. The framework provides the ability to use HTML, JavaScript and CSS to build interactive mobile Web pages for an array of smart phones. It can also be used with PhoneGap to build hybrid mobile applications.

The NFC (Near Field Communication) Mobile Application must have been a privileged dream for mobile app developers a few years ago. However, NFC mobile application was one of the most prominent mobile app development trends to have swiped across the industry in 2013. With NFC, just a swift tap against a sensor yields an instant result, which is even faster than a barcode scan. As 60 percent business owners now preferring to use their smart phone over laptops for checking and comparing product and pricing data, mobile app marketing analytics have detected a 4 times increase in Mobile app use.

Mobile app development is emerging as the new app market for smart phones and tablets. The developers are also trying to analyze the possibilities for apps on devices connected to the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). Mobile app development is perfecting as more businesses by seeing the benefits of both consumer and enterprise apps.

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