13 must-have skills for a SharePoint Developer

sharepoint developer
sharepoint developer
sharepoint developer

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widely used platforms for facilitating teamwork with dynamic team sites for every project and department. And as more and more businesses migrate to SharePoint, the market is seeing an upsurge in demand for skilled SharePoint developers.

This article will discuss the necessary skill sets that every SharePoint developer should possess to advance their career and help their organisation effectively deploy SharePoint solutions.


What does a SharePoint developer do, or what qualities should they possess? We list the top 13 SharePoint developer skills you should be aware of. 

1. Proficiency in SharePoint and platform-specific tools

A strong understanding of SharePoint and its associated out-of-the-box solutions and the ability to expertly combine them during ongoing projects are fundamental requirements for anyone who wishes to work as a SharePoint developer.

Despite being an innovative solution, SharePoint still requires the developer to possess a lot of expertise, along with a solid strategy and planning, to get the most out of it. Your project will fail if you don’t have a solid understanding of SharePoint and the associated tools.

A developer’s command of SharePoint-specific tools like Visio, SharePoint Ribbon, SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, and SharePoint Object Model (SOM) would be an added advantage.

2. Understanding of Frameworks and Programming Languages

Few skills may more accurately assess a SharePoint developer’s proficiency than programming languages and the different frameworks that go with them. A SharePoint developer should have a good mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. 

It’s worth noting that a degree in computer science from college or practical experience in programming is an absolute must to be a developer. We can’t stress enough how important it is for a SharePoint developer to prove their programming prowess to stand out from the crowd.

What programming language does SharePoint use?


.NET is the foundation of SharePoint, and any custom programming that requires implementation in this setting demands familiarity with the .NET syntax to function.


A SharePoint developer who is well-versed in Javascript and its frameworks and libraries can simply not fail. Javascript is beneficial for operations that require customisation as well as for executing scripts that simplify complicated processes.


C# is a NET-based programming language. A developer should be well-versed with all aspects of C# languages, such as syntax, operators, variables, strings, etc.


Developing features that users interact with while using web apps requires using these two languages. They impact the product’s appearance and user experience, which in turn affect the product’s adoption and understanding. 

3. Skilled in UI/UX design methodologies

Remember that your customer’s satisfaction is your primary concern rather than your own. 

Therefore, user experience is at the core of all SharePoint development projects. The second step is finding solutions for the issues faced by the end-user. A SharePoint developer should be aware of this and must be able to prove that they have the UI and UX abilities necessary to bring any project to life.

4. Testing and debugging capabilities

Having a SharePoint developer with exceptional Testing and Debugging abilities is quite advantageous, especially if they have the nose to detect faults and the talent to fix them. Simply put, a developer should ‘fix the problem, not the symptom’,  

A knowledge of incremental testing, unit testing, integration testing, alpha and beta testing, sanity checks, and traceback techniques is essential for every developer. The person must also demonstrate their Defect Analysis and report writing ability, along with a solid understanding of popular debuggers like Radare2, WinDbg, and Valgrind. 

5. Excellent communication skills

There are different types of people who often work together on a project, and depending on your goals and the industry you want to work in, there probably will always be times when you need to collaborate with them.

So it is essential to look for a SharePoint developer who can communicate effortlessly in various settings and with multiple people. Also, a good developer should provide and accept feedback whenever required.

Finally, managing clients is crucial, especially when highlighting the solutions that offer the most value to their end-users. A developer should therefore be able to explain to those clients how the software or a set of features function. The developer should know how to communicate their thoughts, arguments, and body of work clearly and concisely.

6. Outstanding collaborating abilities

A SharePoint developer can be a valuable asset to the team without being the most technically skilled person if they can work and collaborate effectively within a team. This is especially important in the very collaborative process of SharePoint development.

We often work with developers who, perhaps not the most talented members of their teams, end up being among the most valuable because of their attitudes. Therefore, it is crucial to employ a developer who is enthusiastic about supporting the team and their peers.

You should also ensure they are proficient in using Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration, among other practical skills. 

7. Knowledge of databases and documentation

Think about the need to deal with data and documentation when you try to hire a SharePoint developer.

Since application data is still stored in databases, SharePoint developers need to, at the very least, acquire a basic understanding of databases.

After the project cycle, data and document files need to be appropriately stored. They must ensure that the files are correctly organised into categories and prepared for quick retrieval when required.

A developer must know how a database works, e.g., how data is queried, modified, or deleted or how data sets are combined and documented, to ensure proper storage and documentation for future use.

8. Experience with Cloud Technology

A SharePoint developer without expertise in cloud-based technology will eventually run into problems given the trend toward this technology. When you hire the right talent, you can avoid this handicap.

Here’s something important to consider:

To support the SharePoint and Office 365 environments, Microsoft is constantly investing in developing a wide range of cloud-based applications. Yammer, MS Teams, MS PowerApps, MS Flow, and MS Planner are a few of these programmes.

That said, it is imperative that the person you hire has the skills to select the tools that will bring value to your company and use them effectively for your personnel and the company.

9. Automating Business Processes

Business Process Automation is incredible because it automates routine procedures, like employee onboarding.  

SharePoint comes in handy in situations like onboarding. A SharePoint developer should be able to customise it to automate routine repeatable business processes. 

The developer must have a strong knowledge of SharePoint workflow components.

10. Versatility 

A professional with ease using various technologies and platforms deserves your nod. Choose developers who can hold their ground regardless of the project’s stage or the technology being utilised and those that recognise the significance of technical decisions. They simplify the work of coworkers and make way for small teams.

 While hiring a SharePoint developer, make sure they can convince you of their understanding of various technologies, their ability to set priorities, and whether they can evolve with the times while still delivering value.

11. Be Patient

With its out-of-the-box features, SharePoint strives to offer all the solutions you require, necessitating relatively little “start from scratch” development. Additionally, developers must adapt their methods to meet the SharePoint architecture in areas where custom code becomes necessary.

This simply means that a developer must leave your regular coding approach at the door and try to play by the rules of SharePoint, which requires a lot of patience. 

As developers traverse the SharePoint environment, they must be ready to become upset, yell at their computer, and at least a few times, just walk away. But, one thing is sure, the outcome will compensate for all the troubles.

12. Migration

Development work is necessary when upgrading a third-party or SharePoint solution to a newer version of SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online. A SharePoint developer must retain the original customisation while migrating to the new solution. 

13. Training end-users

SharePoint developers must offer admins and end-user training regarding SharePoint usage, configuration, and basic customisation. They assist end users in grasping the platform’s out-of-the-box capabilities while acclimating to new tools and procedures.


The list is by no means complete. However, this list can be the cornerstone upon which a talented Sharepoint developer is built. 

We hope this article provided you with some fresh insights and perspectives. Do reach out to us if you have any questions. Our team of expert SharePoint developers will be more than happy to assist you.

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