SHARJAH: Islamic Manuscript Digitisation & Portal for Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi University



The Islamic Manuscripts House at Al Qasimia University in Sharjah which was inaugurated by H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed, Al Qasimi Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah contains around 15000 rare and valuable manuscripts in the Arabic language with the average age of these manuscripts ranging between 300 to 400 years old.


The manuscripts include drawings gold designs, plant colours and writings in various categories and classifications including Quranic sciences, Islamic Fiqh and Arabic language along with history and geography.

These manuscripts are among the most important and valuable possessions of H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed.

The Project

Al Qasimia University selected Neologix as its technology partner to undergo the digitisation process through a web portal and open the rare manuscripts to the entire world. High end restoration techniques was used for the conservation and restoration of manuscripts books. These restored books where further scanned using high end devices to be included in the web portal.


The Web portal portrays detailed information of the rare manuscripts and very extensive search feature to search within the manuscripts for historical information. Neologix configured and developed a strong content management technology platform to manage the manuscript content. Using this content management system, the users themselves can manage the content of the manuscripts and open it to the world. The content restoration and digitisation process is still going on and is expected to complete in an years time. The process is currently being run by the solution provided by Neologix. The search features includes searching content in Arabic, English and Persian Languages.

Currently the Portal is in Arabic. The Manuscripts are being translated in English and once completed the English version of the portal will be live.

Key features of the Portal

  • Manuscript Listings,
  • Advanced Search and Filtering,
  • Digital Access to Limited Users,
  • Catalogue Listing,
  • Manuscript Groups and Periodicals,
  • Photo Gallery,
  • Video Gallery,
  • Enhanced Manuscript Readers and more.

Neologix also has implemented high end Web and mobile friendly Animations powered by its Animation Department. The intention was to increase the user experience and make it interesting for the end user.

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