Eliminate the problem of missing documents with a DMS


Have you ever faced the problem of missing documents in your organisation? The answer is usually yes, a small distraction while working on a document will make you forget where you saved it or where you kept the document on the shelf or you left it on your colleague’s desk! It can be quite frustrating and costly if you can’t find the documents right when you need them.

A good document management system can help you avoid missing documents

Picture this, you have proposed a big deal and you saved the proposal document on your computer, by default MS Word saves documents in My Documents folder, but for some reason, the default folder for saving document was changed to some other folder. Your customer is waiting there for the proposal and you can’t find where you saved it! Anxiety and stress slowly mounts, you already picture that you are going to lose this deal!

The consequences of missing documents can be huge for an organisation. If you can’t find the right document at the right time it can cause business revenue losses as it will take longer to send a proposal to the client cause of loss of deal, missing documents can lead to longer time in billing your customers, it can cause loss of revenue in terms of fines.

As far as some documents are concerned losing them even once can be a big deal

There are chances, your organisation uses several of the following types of documents:

  • Business Licenses and Certificates
  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Receipts and Vouchers
  • Sales proposals
  • Contracts
  • Expense reports
  • Employee HR Records

Its the requirement of the law to retain many such documents in the organisation for a certain period. Failure of which can draw a huge penalty and loss of reputation of the organisation.

“Under the UAE Labour Law, employers must keep certain records of each employee, including personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, salaries, or positions” Read More

To make sure you don’t lose or misplace important documents, first you need to understand why it can go missing in the first place:

How documents go missing?

During the entire life cycle of a document, there are possibilities of missing documents, usually its when

During Capturing / Creation

Right at the point when that document is created, you might forget where you saved it in your computer. Or you received a paper document kept it on your desk and it flew out of the window! The most usual one, you received the bill, but you are not sure where you kept it?

During Collaboration

You might be working on a big deal proposal with your colleagues, you make a final draft on which your other colleagues added information but in the process, someone’s computer crashes and document goes missing. Just imagine how frustrating it can be to backtrack the changes and re-collaborate on the document! Read More…

During Storage

Just imagine you have kept your company licenses but after a few years when its time to renew your licenses you can’t find your documents! The last day is nearing but whatever you do you can’t remember where you kept your important company documents! Now you start thinking of getting duplicates and the pain and costs associated with that!

During Retrieval

Suppose one of your employees has joined some covert government department and they want to see all the old records of the employee in the original! They come to you take the documents and never return it! Maybe you didn’t even notice that the records were not returned! Dirt can hit the fan when the same documents are summoned again a few years later!

A good document management system with a good document management strategy can save you and your company lots of money and frustration.

If you want to know more about how Neologix can help you with a good document management strategy, that helps you manage your organisation’s documents well by eliminating lost documents.

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