Mobile app or a Responsive Website. Which one do you need ?

A pertinent question in the minds of every business today is – Do they need mobile app development or a responsive website to effectively reach the mobile market?

A Responsive website responds to the medium it is displayed on. For example, if your site is viewed on a desktop, the website’s look & feel gets customized for the desktop & if it is viewed on a mobile device, it gets customized for a mobile device. A responsive website is the need of the hour as businesses need to have a website that works appropriately on every display screen.

Mobile apps are downloaded with a specific intent & are best suited for brands that have strong customer loyalty. The app might provide your store locations, special offers or allow users to access their account information. If you are trying to drive users to a physical store or location, an app might do the task best. The truth is that 80% of the time spent on mobile by users is on mobile apps.

Here are a few points to consider:

1. Simple and always connected

It is simple to build a mobile app compared to a responsive website. Your customers will carry your app with them at all times, so they never lose sight of your business.

2. Interactivity

Mobile apps have greater interactivity than a responsive website. Advanced interactive functions remain the exclusive forte of apps. Some features can include use of the phone cameras as well.

3. Costs

While the cost of a responsive design can be high, the cost of mobile apps development can be low if you are not using advanced functionality.

4. The smartphone revolution

The smartphone is the means of communication of the future. Therefore, apps should be an important part of your communication strategy. Mobile apps are exclusively designed for smartphones and function better than a responsive website. Moreover, they are quicker and more dynamic.

5. Accessibility

Mobile apps is available offline as well as online. This is a clear advantage over responsive websites. If you need to provide offline access to content or do functions without an Internet connection, then going for an app makes sense.

6. Security

If you have a platform where customers make transactions or you sell products on a website, an app provides security. Without doubt, mobile users feel more secure accessing an app rather than a responsive website.

7. Apps promote loyalty of customers

An app provides countless possibilities to engage with customers. After installation of mobile app by the customers, customer loyalty can be further increased by sending push notifications, online coupons, promotions etc.

8. A new sales channel

An app offers a new sales channel for your business. Go ahead and sell your products directly from the app.

9. Gaming

An app makes sense for building interactive games. If your target users are using your app on a regular basis, an app provides a great way to do that than a responsive website.

As long as smartphones remain a new media, the app vs website question will remain for businesses who want to establish a mobile presence. If your goal is to engage with your customers or provide an application, then a mobile app is most suitable for your business.

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