Is PhoneGap the future of mobile apps ?

Businesses face a dilemma while developing a mobile application. They do not know in which platform they should create a mobile application or they want to customize a mobile application for each platform. However, would the cost of developing an application for every platform justify the benefits acquired ? No need to worry….. PhoneGap is the perfect answer for your dilemma.

With sales of smartphones sky-rocketing, mobile applications are in great demand around the world. But, mobile applications are not easy to develop. One of most important good thing about PhoneGap is that even a child can use PhoneGap to make cross-platform mobile applications. I am not kidding… this is true.

With the help of Phonegap, applications can be easily developed for multiple platforms without the need to learn additional programming languages. Developing mobile applications for each platform requires knowledge of multiple frameworks and languages. Phonegap can be used for developing applications that can run on multiple devices with same code base. PhoneGap makes use of web technologies to connect web applications and mobile devices. Mobile apps made using PhoneGap can work with in any browser, incuding browsers that may be launched in future. Hence, PhoneGap is future-ready.

Adobe acquired PhoneGap in October 2011 & made PhoneGap open-sourced & handed over the framework to Apache Incubator. After that, the name of PhoneGap was changed to Apache Cordova due to trademark issues. However, the name PhoneGap is still more popular than Apache Cordova in the industry.

PhoneGap is the ideal solution for developers who want to apply their skills in mobile application development. PhoneGap helps you to develop Mobile apps using HTML5, CSS & JavaScript and the mobile apps developed using PhoneGap will run in 7 platforms including iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry & Windows. The main thing to highlight here is that learning HTML5, CSS and JavaScript is easy. Developers can thus hone their skills without wasting time in creating everything from scratch.

Now, let us see the statistics….. It is reported that PhoneGap had over 1 million downloads since its launch in November 2010 and today, they have a user base of over 400,000 developers around the world. Without doubt, PhoneGap is the top open-source framework in the world. With 4 or 5 mobile OS platforms still dominating the market, cross-platform frameworks like PhoneGap is most suitable for SMEs or businesses who cannot afford high IT budgets.

It can be concluded without any apprehension that PhoneGap is the future of mobile apps development and knowing how to use PhoneGap to develop mobile apps is a necessary skill for the immediate future & beyond.

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