How Mobile apps can boost your business


As sales of smartphones are hitting astronomical limits, mobile apps are being developed & launched at a feverish pace around the world. i.e. mobile apps are becoming omnipresent and powerful than ever. This article is about how mobile apps can boost your business

There are primarily 3 reasons for developing mobile apps. They are to increase brand awareness, to get new clients, or to provide better service to existing clients. Also, businesses should launch mobile apps so that they can grow and run smoother.

Mobile apps can help you in increasing sales of your products & services. Mobile apps also help create customer loyalty by providing benefits to customers including, ease of use, access to attractive offers and instant customer support. However, remember that apps that look great but perform poorly can damage your brand.

Advantages of mobile apps for your business:

  • Cost-effective sales channel
  • Access and manage your business while you are mobile
  • Salesforce in the field can access your CRM anytime
  • Businesses can perform inventory management from remote locations
  • Your business is open 24 hours
  • Perform functions like preparing invoices, purchase orders and reports
  • Businesses can manage business calendar
  • High brand recall
  • Highly scalable solution
  • Fast dissemination of attractive offers & discounts offered by you
  • Access from anywhere
  • 24×7 Customer Support

It is recommended that before developing an app, a business should talk to their existing customers to find out how many of them own a smartphone, how many own iPhones or Android phones, what they expect from the mobile apps in terms of features, do they want to transact on mobile, or they just want to be keep updated with your product information?

After the above process is over, you will need to build your feature list. Remember KISS ? … Keep It Short & Simple…. please note that mobile screens are not large, net connectivity can be erratic & slow and the more features you require, the development time will be more.

Mobile apps have garnered huge interest among people all over the world. However, if you have developed iPhone apps, the iPhone represents only about 25-30% of smartphone users. Therefore, you would need to launch compatible versions of your apps on other platforms like Android, Windows Phone or, Symbian in order to achieve maximum distribution.

It is reported that in the US alone, the use of mobile apps by businesses has saved billions of dollars. Would you not want your share of this saving? Therefore, businesses that have not yet embraced the mobile apps market to engage their customers, should definitely decide soon on launching mobile apps to interact with their customers. Mobile apps can definitely increase the foot-print of your business.

Mobile marketing is the most powerful medium you can use to grow your business, both online & offline. In short, mobile apps can help keep a business connected, visible & ultimately boost your business in the marketplace.

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