Know everything you want to and more about digital workplace solutions. 

digital workplace solutions
digital workplace solutions
digital workplace solutions

In the current era of fast-paced work environments and work-life balance concerns, digital workplace solution has emerged as an irreplaceable part of organisations. Every organisation defines its digital workplace platform differently, and in the current scenario, multiple opportunities for businesses to incorporate digital tools in their day-to-day activities. Some consider it as a collection of specialised tools, while others view it as a unique concept to upgrade how employees work.

However, establishing a digital workplace platform has become daunting for many companies. So to establish a balanced and efficient workplace, you need to understand digital workplace solutions in detail, figure out how they work and learn the latest tools for achieving this.

The Digital Workplace and Its Relevance

A digital workplace replicates a traditional office atmosphere where workers work with the help of digital tools or applications to team up, communicate and connect. In other words, the digital workplace is a well-connected network of people coming together to collaborate on various projects from various parts of the globe.

The main attraction of the digital workplace is that it modernises the tools and applications where the same can be accessed anywhere at any time. Moreover, the digital workplace improves performance, engagement, and productivity.

Seamless, effective, and easy communication channels between employees and departments can be better achieved with digital workplace platforms. Hence, the employees will turn more productive and task-oriented as they receive approvals faster.

Usage of Digital Workplace Solutions

In this fast-paced business era, employees should inevitably get easy and seamless access to their workflows and processes in a single platform. Digital workplace platforms conduct meetings efficiently and connect employees of various branches from different locations. So, be it remote, office-based or hybrid work models your firm is opting for, an efficient digital workplace platform is essential. 

Components of a Digital Workplace

When your firm is opting for a digital workplace solution, it is always advised to implement full-fledged or technologically advanced platforms. Some of the most chosen ones are Office 365, Citrix Workspace, Unily, Zoho Creator, eXo Platform, SharePoint etc.

Before selecting the desired digital workplace platform, ensure it has key functionalities like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software, business applications, productivity tools, collaboration tools, and communication tools.

Communication Tools

These tools are the best for data and information sharing. An adept digital workplace platform should fully support audio, video sharing, instant messaging, video calls/conferencing and emailing options. Additionally, practical communication tools will assist employees in the internal publishing their blogs, wikis, papers etc. They also act as an advanced social networking system within the organisation. 

Practical communication tools present in the digital workplace solution help the management or HR department collect feedback, insights and ideas, which will further contribute to the firm’s growth.

Productivity Tools

Productivity tools contribute to the practical and timely fulfilment of duties and jobs of employees, thereby making their work easy. This includes word processors, calculation software, spreadsheet software etc., that team members can utilise to get the job done more efficiently.

Collaboration Tools

These tools are essential as they help the employees work as a close-knit team. Hence it is vital for office and remote workers. SharePoint is one of the best examples of this type of tool. With the help of this collaboration tool, multiple personnel can edit documents online at the same time. Companies can also configure SharePoint to facilitate approvals and conditional document access based on the team member’s role. As a platform, SharePoint offers various customisation options to help companies achieve better productivity and collaboration simultaneously. 

Business Applications

Business applications prioritising process efficiency incorporate various specialised tools such as accounting systems, HR systems, CRM, ERP, and others. Business applications are complemented with collaboration software to enhance productivity and achieve optimal outcomes. For instance, when integrated with CRM software, SharePoint, a highly regarded collaboration tool, simplifies the sharing of documents and promotional content, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Key Benefits of a Digital Workplace

A well-organized and strongly connected digital workplace solution offers the following benefits to the organisation and its employees.

Increased Flexibility

With digital tools, employees can enjoy flexibility in work with the help of a stable internet connection, as they can connect from anywhere. This, in turn, offers them a better work-life balance. Companies with flexible working options have recently shown better results in motivating and engaging employees. 

Reduced Operational Costs

Virtual meetings and interactive chat boards save operational costs by reducing travel and overhead expenses. Thus, in-person interactions can be minimised, which further contributes to reduced operating costs.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

A digital workplace solution streamlines processes; thus, employees can complete their work more efficiently. According to a recent survey by a cloud provider, CoSo Cloud, 77% of remote workers have reported higher productivity levels in the digital workplace.

Increased Revenue

A digital workplace platform ensures reduced costs and increases productivity simultaneously. This, in turn, contributes to increased revenue. As per the latest research conducted by Avanade, a 43% rise in revenue has been recorded in establishments with digital workplaces.

Improved Communication 

With digital workplace strategies, the free flow of information between lower and higher-level employees can be better achieved. This facilitates the successful exchange of innovative ideas between different departments. For organisations constantly looking to innovate across products and services, a digital workplace can be an excellent catalyst for innovation. 

Enhanced Employee Experience

The digital workplace creates strong professional bonds between employees through collaboration tools such as employee directories; activity feeds etc. This promotes improved teamwork across teams and also creates a sense of camaraderie.

Increased Performance

With powerful digital tools, company management can quickly identify different areas of improvement. This, in turn, helps them to optimise internal and external work processes easily.

Better Talent Retention 

Experienced and highly talented candidates always prefer advanced work setups, which can be better achieved with the help of robust digital workplace solutions. As per a recent study, companies with digital workplace platforms exhibited a 25% lower turnover rate than those without a digital workplace. This indicates that employees prefer businesses that offer digital opportunities.


Today, new tools and evolving technologies are available in the market that help your business streamline business processes. Companies and brands nowadays seek the help of novel technology and digital applications to collaborate with their teams worldwide. Before implementing an effective digital workplace solution, it is advised to analyse your business requirements and define an optimal toolset.

If you plan to implement a digital workplace platform in your new firm or your existing business, now is the best time. With the evolving digital landscape, innovative technologies can transform your business performance and take your business to new heights.

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