Everything to know about how technology can improve productivity 

how technology can improve productivity
how technology can improve productivity
how technology can improve productivity

In the past decade, we have witnessed the boom of technology and the incredible ways it has revolutionised the workplace. In other words, technology has transformed the way we work, play and live. As an omnipresent entity in our daily lives, it can provide excellent solutions if you wonder how technology can improve business productivity. Let’s look back at the last 20 years. Not many will be able to recollect the transformation from the pagers to basic mobile handsets and then to the mobiles, tablets and laptops loaded with cutting-edge technology and hardware. This technology can help organisations boost workplace performance tremendously and get beautiful results when used correctly. 

Business productivity and its relevance in business processes.

Depending on the context, companies can define success in various ways. In the case of most businesses, project managers and team leaders drive success by striving hard to increase their team’s productivity with the assistance of top-notch technology.

In product companies, managers and team leaders can quantify business productivity by comparing the total output of goods or services versus the inputs needed for producing the mentioned goods and services. It also quantifies the monetary benefits received from these goods and services. This can be better explained with the help of a real-life example of a match factory where workers need to be reimbursed per hour to make the matches. The total monetary value of the matches determines the productivity of the business, i.e. the output needs to exceed all the costs associated with making the matches. 

Business processes are the foundation of business operations, and any business worried about how technology can improve business productivity will focus more on its processes. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help business owners and managers to accurately determine the efficiency of the business process followed by them. KPIs help them decide whether their business process is meeting or exceeding the business goals or objectives set by them. 

For example, let’s look at a scenario where a business performs well in all aspects, and the KPIs and business goals set during the initial phase are met successfully with the help of their current business processes. Moving forward, managers can explore technological advancements to elevate productivity. Technological advances enable the continuation of improved and revamped KPI measurements and goals.

In this article, we will solve all your business productivity and work from home technology queries by reviewing some of the most beneficial technological tools in detail.

1. Analytical tools Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Multiple business intelligence (BI) tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques are available. These can retrieve raw data from various business systems and store them in a data warehousing repository for further analysis and review. Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, SharePoint etc., are some of the tools widely used in leading business organisations.

The most significant advantage for users of these analytical tools is the user-friendly dashboard. They also have provisions for converting raw data and reports into valuable insights. Business managers can use these insights to make effective decisions. Without data analytical tools and technological tools to improve business productivity, managers will end up making wrong decisions that can have negative long-term impacts.

2. Fast and Reliable Telecommunications

As a result of the pandemic, remote work or work from home has become accepted as a worldwide norm. This has significantly increased the relevance of work from home technology. High-speed communication technology like 4G & 5G has boosted the ability of workers to do remote and hybrid work effectively. Many software is available to make remote and hybrid work more efficient and productive. ProProfs, Trello, Basecamp etc., are some of the leading names in this space. 

3. Cloud-based Collaboration Tools

To answer the question of how technology can improve business productivity, many video-conferencing solutions are available in the market. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, etc., help employees and teams in various geographies manage their work more efficiently. Smooth and seamless communication between the workforce is essential for increased productivity. Cloud-based collaboration tools ensure accessible communication between the distributed workforce. 

Features in collaboration tools such as File Sharing, Digital Whiteboards, Screen Sharing, Comments and other capabilities assist the managers in supervising projects remotely and acting on time to improve business productivity. Online meetings help companies save money on business travel from a cost perspective. This also frees up a lot of extra time for focussed, productive work on a day-to-day basis. 

4. How can technology improve business productivity using Gamification Tools

Gamification is another technique to help you understand how technology can improve business productivity. It can be better explained as converting training, goals and daily tasks into games with points or rewards for the employee. This will help them to attain the best results by being motivated and engaged. Engagedly, Influitive, Figure B and Spinify are some of the leading tools available. Specialised apps can enhance the employee experience and yield better long-term results, particularly in departments like HR or Sales. Spinify, for example, is a gamification software that helps motivate sales teams using leaderboards, competitions, employee recognition tools etc., to make attaining goals rewarding and exciting. 

5. CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) and Chatbots

CRM Software offers numerous benefits to any business’s sales and marketing staff. It provides ample time for the workforce, especially the sales team, to think creatively and provide undivided attention to prospective clients who might want to purchase their products or services. Additionally, after attending to the clients, the sales team can add notes and other information to help build better customer relationships. 

Leveraging a chatbot can efficiently address frequent queries raised by prospective clients. It is a great starting point for engaging customers and understanding their issues. From the customer’s perspective, this is one of the easiest ways to get the correct answers to simple problems without interacting directly with the sales or service staff. Chatbots can generate valuable data over time, providing organisations with insights into market trends and the reception of their product or service.

6. HR Technology and Tools

Various touchpoints regarding hiring, training, and employee management can be efficiently handled with the help of HR tools. These tools provide additional features such as storing notes and employee information, simplifying the hiring process, setting goals, and tracking progress. They also enable recording interviewer comments or messages, which can be valuable for hiring decisions. Leapsome, Deel, Workable, Trainual, Bonusly, TalentLyft, Gusto, and Zoho People are some of the best tools that can help you achieve anything from hiring to employee performance management, payroll management and more.

7. Project Management Tools

Project management tools play a vital role in work from home technology. These tools are widely used across various industries and deliver exceptional results by helping manage project stages, tasks, deadlines, etc. For example, many decision-makers invest in Microsoft SharePoint to share and contain content, boost teamwork, quickly find the correct information, and effortlessly collaborate across the organisation. It also works on multiple devices and across multiple operating systems platforms to make internal and external collaboration effortless.

Let’s learn more about SharePoint to understand further how technology can improve business productivity. As a technology platform, SharePoint also improves organisational productivity by sharing common resources and applications. It builds consistency and keeps the employees updated through intranet features. It possesses rich content management features that help employees connect with the right domain experts and increase their knowledge base. A more extensive knowledge base is also a factor that further paves the way for business productivity. SharePoint has proven its utility for thousands of organisations worldwide as a collaboration tool and a work from home technology. Out-of-the-box functionality suits most organisations, but particular features may require custom SharePoint development


Technology remains an excellent option for companies to boost productivity and move closer to achieving their corporate goals. The key is to identify the right software and the suitable vendor who can fully support you through the journey and ensure your long-term success. Companies increasingly rely on automation and custom platforms to achieve their business goals while maintaining their core specialisations. 

For most organisations, productivity is complex, encompassing different aspects across various departments. Therefore, it is crucial to select a software tool that offers all the necessary features in its current version and provides the flexibility to incorporate additional customisation options as required by the company. Companies must also consider the cost implications of training employees and acquiring the necessary software and hardware when seeking suitable software tools to achieve this. After considering these factors, companies should invest in new tools or technologies to propel their business to the next level.

At Neologix, we have helped organisations achieve better productivity using the best technological tools. We specialise in creating custom SharePoint solutions to help your UAE organisation achieve better productivity. Please contact us at or +971-521043226 to discuss this topic. 

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