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This article is outlined on how my company Neologix handles the web development process. This is based on my own experience and is slanted towards how we as an organisation help you through on their web development project.

This is a post meant for you if you are planning to start a web development project of your own, regardless of who you decide to hire for your project. And I genuinely believe and hope that this article will help you with building your business and taking it online.


The website development process

While looking for a web development agency in UAE, you should consider these steps to ensure that your projects finish on time and delivers results to your bottom line. But the steps mentioned below shouldn’t be avoided at any cost.

These process might vary depending on individual organisations but once you go through the article you can get a fairly good idea of what to expect from a web development agency in UAE.

Planning – The foundation of web development process

This is a very important stage, stage of discovery and research to ensure that the focus is on the end result. One of the important purposes of this phase is to gather an understanding of the rationale of why this web development project initiated, the main goals you are a customer are planning to achieve and the key stakeholders and target users of this web development project.

Knowing this helps people like me to get into your shoes and understand your vision. The web development process is to ensure that these purpose and goals are met. The planning phase also looks at the best strategy to be chosen in the future design, development and implementation of the web development project.

Your problem might vary from the accumulation of digital content in your organisation to having difficulty in tracking correspondence to just thinking of a startup idea that you need help with. So from a planning perspective whether you need something like a document management system or a correspondence tracking system in the case of a startup end to end planning on how the web development project and be monetized.

Planning phase ensures that you don’t end up changing your plan in the middle of the development and protects you from unnecessary expenses associated with the design changing or adding functionality that wasn’t initially planned.


This phase something that runs in parallel with the Planning phase in the web development process. Understanding your business requirements clearly and documenting them for future stages is what is doing during this phase. One of the key things done here if its a web development project is to identify the sitemap and the relationship between different pages of the web application. This is where we usually initiate discussion on user experience and how to make the web project a better experience for your users.

This is when we work on the mockups and illustrations of how the screens will look, some cases web development process requires that we deliver a prototype emulating the features of the find web application

All of this is documented carefully for the stakeholders of the next phase of this web development process.


During this phase of the web development process, the foundation of the web application takes shape. The development platform and the code level planning of the development take place. The initial layout of the development platform is set and how different sections communicate with each other is decided. Usually, you don’t have to be involved much during this phase. Mostly our technical team might come up with some questions which probably you and your team will have to provide answers.


During the design phase, your web application takes shape. All the design elements such as images, stock photos, videos etc are worked upon and knitted together to give a shape to the entire project. All UI and UX related discussions, in the beginning, takes a digital form which you can see.

You can then review the elements and share your feedback with us so that we can improve and bring it up to your liking.

Development – Bringing life to your idea

The development phase is when you can finally see life coming into all the work that was put in initially. All the pages and elements are put together using some programming language like PHP or C#. All interactive features are added to the web project. Usually with every module finished you get a status update and an option to preview what’s happened so far. This phase of the web development process is very crucial and usually takes up the majority of time and resources.

Testing & Delivery – The gatekeeper of the web development process

Once the development phase is completed, a team of testers work on the web application and try to break it. This helps is finding out the leaks in the system. This is an iterative process, where the testers do the testing break the application send it back to the developers to fix it and it comes back for testing yet again.

This is the phase which ensures that the web application can actually put to use by your customers without getting frustrating errors! This phase of the web development process ensures the quality of the web application! While shortlisting a web development agency in UAE you should ensure that they have good testing procedures in place.

Another task done during this phase is to ensure the security of the website. Find those vulnerabilities and squash them. So that your customer information is safe in the system.

Go – Live

Once the testing team approves the software for release, we bring the entire project to production and make it live. This is when you can do beta testing with your users. User acceptance testing also happens after go-live. Any issues that are found during this phase of the web development process goes back to the development phase then testers test the application and release the new code to the production server. Slowly but surely the product application becomes stable.

Transition Support

Once the application is live job is not over, we have to provide support until the system is owned and run by people in your organisation. Till then a team of developers, PM and the testing team provides support to the end-users solving their issues and clarifying doubts on how to use the system.

AMC – Annual Maintenance Contract

Like when you buy an automobile, you get it serviced and maintained at regular intervals, the software is no different. It is important to include a maintenance plan when you engage a web development agency in UAE.

After the launch the software might not display errors and bugs but as the users start using the system its imperative that some bugs will start showing up. Even though an Annual Maintenance Contract for a web application might cost you a little more, it will ensure that these bugs and issues are fixed by us. It’s like an insurance policy.

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