4 Solid Reasons to Choose SharePoint Content Management in Your Organisation

SharePoint Content Management
SharePoint Content Management
SharePoint Content Management

SharePoint content management is a critical component of any organisation’s business strategy in the digital age. It encompasses the processes and technologies used to capture, store, manage, and deliver content throughout its lifecycle. Document management includes a wide variety of content, such as documents, images, videos, and other forms of multimedia. 

Managing this content well is a critical tool that helps organisations improve their efficiency, productivity, compliance, customer service, and competitive advantage. As the digital world continues to evolve, the importance of SharePoint content management will only grow. Let’s explore how a SharePoint enterprise content management system works and the advantages your firm can enjoy while deploying a SharePoint ECM

Document Management

In companies with large teams involved in very complex workflows, the lack of a robust document management system only leads to more chaos and loss of time. Better productivity is the main advantage that you can enjoy when you use a SharePoint enterprise content management system. Moreover, it also provides the following features which will help you to manage different types of documents effectively:

Helps with centrally managing diverse content

A SharePoint enterprise content management system helps accurately store relevant content in a central repository. It also helps employees find and share documents easily between teams without any hassles. 

Diligently work with document properties.

With the help of the Document Information Panel in the enterprise SharePoint content management system, you can easily browse and edit the metadata and document properties in the document itself. Easy access to document information makes the software more user-friendly and convenient to implement.

Easily make any document unique.

Using the document ID feature in a SharePoint ECM, you can create an exclusive identifier for every document in the content or document repository.

Provide controlled access to information.

With the carefully defined permission feature in SharePoint, you can determine who can access information or documents ranging from a single document to the entire site itself.

Streamline collaborative document processing.

Enterprise SharePoint comprises built-in document workflows that will help you to start, track and collaborate on document-related processes via desktop.

Digital Media Management in SharePoint Enterprise Content Management

It’s been a while since companies moved away from the traditional .doc and .pdf phase. These days the term ‘content’ for an enterprise could mean all kinds of digital assets created for diverse purposes. Most leading corporate names will always have audio and video files for everything ranging from a corporate video to the farewell video of a long-term employee. 

This diverse body of content also needs to be managed effectively, and the various integrated features present in SharePoint help users or employees easily play and manage digital content, including audio and video. Below are some of the significant benefits of these capabilities:

Media Playback

SharePoint comprises built-in video and audio players where you can play multimedia content using a portal, team or publishing site, community-generated sites, and managed learning and training sites.

Contains optimised media libraries

SharePoint has optimised media asset libraries with compelling management features related to a document library. Meta data, content types, distinct IDs, etc., are some management features users can use. Moreover, you can also view images and videos in a thumbnail view

Records Management in SharePoint Content Management

No company is a fan of litigation. But in today’s world, litigations, in most cases, come as part of the territory. To this end, having a well-organised structure for storing and retrieving key documents and files becomes essential. With the help of integrated records management features in SharePoint, organisations can easily keep and protect their business records. 

Your organisation can also easily apply intelligent information management policies to its business documents. Intelligent information management reduces the risk of litigation and safeguards information as per existing corporate business policies. Let’s take a look at these features in detail:

Boosts legal and regulatory compliance

SharePoint ECM makes it easy for organisations to implement auditing, information retention, and protection policies. These auditing trails provide internal and external auditors evidence that records are maintained according to regulations.

Assists with securing business records

SharePoint’s security repository allows organisations to store their records in a secure environment and lock them down to prevent unauthorised access.

Prevent accidental destruction

Safely store particular records in secure locations to prevent accidental destruction. Holding information securely is needed if the documents are legal.

Web Content Management

Web content has excellent implications when it comes to better communication on the corporate level. It becomes a challenge for teams that work in different geographies and time zones to align everyone with common goals and values. This is where SharePoint can help deliver highly targeted and fully branded content to team members everywhere. The specialised web content management feature offered by SharePoint helps organisations with the following:

Easy and convenient creation and publishing of content

With the help of familiar tools in SharePoint, you can create and publish web documents and content efficiently and timely.

A consistent look for your websites

You can create approved master pages and page layouts which assist in branding and navigation purposes related to the website. This can be of great use to the content authors as well.

Reduced management expenditure and lower deployment costs 

With enterprise SharePoint, your organisation can quickly implement a single multi-tier infrastructure which helps publish content effectively to the internet, extranet and intranet.


Finding the documents you need can be difficult when content is not managed effectively. This eventually leads to operational and legal problems for your organisation. Therefore, it is essential to invest in good content management software.

SharePoint Content Management System is a powerful tool to help you organise and manage your content from creation to archive. It is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office suite, making it easy to use and collaborate with others. SharePoint also comes with a rich set of features that can meet the needs of any organisation.

At Neologix, our team consists of trained and experienced professionals who have hands-on experience in dealing with multiple SharePoint-related projects related to enterprise content management. We can also help your organisation with custom IT solutions contributing to efficient workflows. Our custom IT solutions identify the varying requirements of your organisation and ensure that the best customised SharePoint solution is implemented to help you save valuable time and money.

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