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Records Management System

Records management software addresses regulation compliance, information governance and automated records management

What We Offer?

Records management software typically focuses on managing corporate records and proper handling of records right from creation, storage, retention to the final disposal. The inability of an organization to securely manage data could impact its operational efficiency and financial penalties can be imposed on failure to meet compliance standards. Hence to ensure records are managed properly, many companies in UAE are turning to records management software from Neologix to meet legal retention requirements with regard to their corporate documents and records. Neologix offers a wide range of enterprise content management software and service solutions including ECM Records Management powering digital transformation for multiple public-sector organizations and private enterprises in UAE.

Benefits of Electronic Records Management Software


Centralized control of records and documents enables proper management and retention of records while reducing labour requirements for creation, organization, retrieval and dissemination of recorded information. Indexing and retrieval capability allows authorized users to search and find files faster.


Ensuring compliance with evolving legal and regulatory record-keeping requirements, thereby avoiding costly fines or other penalties. Reducing risks in litigation, government investigations, and the legal discovery process. Preserves the integrity and confidentiality of important records.


Helps save considerable expenses by reducing operating costs, minimizing storage requirements, improving ease of administration and employee efficiency. Enables faster decision making by making relevant records easily available with faster search capabilities & retrieval of records.

Records Lifecycle Management


There are multiple challenges that record managers face while dealing with records particularly tracking which documents are updated, modified or removed from their designated storage location throughout the record lifecycle. The tracking process is further complicated for enterprises with paper records management were handling a large volume of paper documents results in greater management cost and higher space utilization.

An electronic document management system also works as a record management system with capabilities to capture all documents entering the system whether it be paper, fax, email or any file types. This data is then stored electronically, indexed and retention rules are applied by authorized administrators according to records management policy. Record managers can further track these records throughout their entire lifecycle right from record creation, declaration through to final disposition.

Looking to implement a Records Management Solution?

Records Management
Software UAE

Our ECM consulting experts recommend an electronic records management solution that can optimize your business operations while meeting global compliance and privacy requirements. Also converting from paper-based to digitized content means that you can access relevant records from a centralized repository with the ease of a keyword search. Routing your digitized records with automated workflows can reduce turn-around times, improve productivity and keep your business moving while delivering rapid ROI for your enterprise.

Choose your Records Management Software wisely!



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