iPhone Game Development

Gaming apps are the most popular type of apps in the App Store. Of the thousands of iPhone gaming apps being developed, only few achieve success. So, what makes a gaming app successful ?

The technology for video games has changed a lot with the advent of iPhone Games. The iPhone is superior in graphics and performance & can showcase high performance games. Due to the increasing popularity of iPhone, iPod & iPad devices, iOS games are getting more attention from Game lovers. With proper guidance and information about the target audience, a developer can easily start making iOS games .

iPhone game developers start the game development process by downloading Apple’s iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK). With SDK, developers can access inner functions and input devices of the iPhone. The iPhone is altering the way portable games are played. These games network with other devices, share screens, and act together in a more instinctive way. The potential of iPhone gaming is great & it remains underutilized till now.

The two primary benefits of making games for the iPhone as opposed to other major platforms, is the cost and accessibility. To make iPhone games, developers have to pay a registration fee to Apple.

Why iPhone Game development ?

  1. The iPhone platform is being utilized to the full by mobile game developers. Moreover, iPhone developers are available with ease. So, you can find the right developer for your iPhone apps.
  2. The variety of iOS games available in the app store will surprise anybody. From kids’ games to addictive games, you can develop them all on this platform.
  3. Gives game players options like unlocking certain features, or play more levels. For example, create point levels that make players eligible for discounts during in-app purchases, or let players unlock features and tools based on their game points.
  4. Selling game apps in iPhone app store is easy compared to other app stores as you get the target audience in the app store itself. Marketing your game will further take you closer to your goals. For every download of a paid game app, the App store shares revenue with the game developer.
  5. Most people use their phones to play games while traveling or while waiting for a friend or sitting idle. Short levels give players the option of playing for a short time and picking up later without losing progress or points achieved during the game. The other advantage of short levels in a game is that they make games addictive for the player.
  6. If you want a gaming mobile app to succeed, you should make the game players think. iPhone game apps allow game players to think.
  7. Adding social features to your iPhone game makes it sticky. Give the game an edge by providing social features.

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