How to increase downloads of iPhone apps

The first step of making an iPhone or an iPad app is to research the kind of apps that are in demand. Make sure that your app meets some need of your end-user before starting the process.

Apart from that, here are some of ways to increase the download of iPhone apps:

1. App store optimization

The title of the app should be meaningful & attractive. A proper description about the app should be written before submitting the app to the app store. The description should contain keywords you are targeting with your app. Also, the content should describe what your app is all about.

2. Localization

The description of the apps, especially in the app store, should be localized in major languages such as Chinese, Korean, Spanish or French. It is a fact that apps that support native languages dominate the top charts of their respective countries in the app store. It is also found that when an app is translated to the native language, downloads of the app increase.

3. Screenshots

Screenshots of apps should be crisp, clean and professional. The user should see the app in action when they look at the screenshot. It is important to have at least 3 screenshots, where each screenshot should contain a different view of your app.

4. Publish a press release

There are many online PR services available that can handle press release distribution. Write an honest and professional press release in order to create a lasting impression about you and your company.

5. Make A Video

Create a video of your app and upload it to video submission sites. The video of your app is a must, but make sure it has subtitles in the local language. You can also get it translated in major languages. Don’t forget to include attractive music in your app video.

6. Offer Promo codes

Offer promo codes to App reviewers & iPhone experts, so that you can get valuable comments from them.

7. Get Reviews

Go to iPhone Application review sites and submit your iPhone app to them. Good Reviews will get you more sales.

8. Freemium Model

You can offer your app with limited features for free & offer paid version of the same with premium features.

9. Keep Analytics in your mind

Having analytics is a must. A good app analytics tool will offer you app insights, behaviour of users, etc.

10. CPI Campaign

Developers strive to make their app reach the highest spot in app store searches. One method for ensuring this would be to make use of a Cost Per Install (CPI) Campaign. You will only pay money per install.

11. Other Advertising

To boost sales, buy space on iPhone, iPad related blogs and websites for advertising. You can also do PPC campaign in Google, Bing and other private networks.

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