How to create a Mobile presence for your Business

If you happen to run a business, make sure you create a strong mobile presence for your business. During the days of the Dotcom boom, businesses quickly established a web presence. However, today it is unimaginable to run a business without having a mobile presence. Mobility can greatly increase sales for your business. Both mobile websites and mobile apps are good options for establishing a mobile presence.

Starting with a mobile website is a good option. It can perform all tasks performed by a regular website. However, the content in a mobile website is minimal as mobile devices have a small display screen. Mobile websites are cost-effective and they can greatly boost your business.

The other option to consider is whether an app is necessary for your business. Apps are popular & it is common for businesses to have an app. Apps have several advantages. They ensure that users will see your logo whenever they use the phone to communicate. Without doubt, apps are unbeatable for business promotion and lead generation.

While the mobile apps need to be downloaded and installed in mobile devices, this is not the case with mobile websites. Mobile apps aid in brand building and client retention. They simplify complex business processes and increase productivity.

The purpose of using mobile apps depends on the needs of a business. Once installed in a mobile device, mobile apps can be accessed even without an Internet connection. The probability of a customer remaining loyal is much higher once the customer downloads your app.

Developing a mobile app is more complicated than developing a mobile website. Apps are platform specific and can run only on select mobile platforms. For example, a mobile app developed for iOS will not run in Android devices. However, if you wish to develop a cross platform app that can run on many mobile platform, you should go for hybrid apps.

Mobile app development can take time depending on the complexity of the app. The cost of developing a mobile app is higher than that of a mobile website. If your business has many customers, then mobile app is the perfect choice for you. You need to first analyze your business needs and then choose between a mobile website and an app.

In case of sales-oriented mobile apps, push notifications, in-app messages and SMS can be used to promote your products and services. Any specific feature in the app can be installed by the app development company. Another way to acquire a mobile app designed for your business is to go for custom mobile app development.

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