With the surge in the demand for Mobile and Web based apps, citizens around the world are now demanding mobility solutions from their Governments. From bill payments to taxation, information to action, online forms and submissions, everything is now relying on ease of use and convenience based apps.

With this in mind, Neologix Software Solutions has designed and created a number of E-Governance and M-Governance apps. Neologix specializes in web based and mobile based solutions for the Government that are both Government to Citizen and Citizen to Government.


Neologix Software Solutions is the perfect partner for you if you are looking for E-Governance Solutions. We develop customized mobile and web application solutions for the Government. Our applications will ensure simplicity and ease of use for all.

What we can offer:

  • Bill payment apps: Water, Telephone, Electricity, etc
  • Apps for all Government departments like Sanitation, Police, Transport, etc
  • Payment of Fines/ Taxes
  • Apps for all certification related information like marriage, pensions, employment, etc

Neologix has developed revolutionary applications that are Government to Citizen and Citizen to government oriented. Through these applications a Citizen can opine/ complain to the respective departments of the Government like Sanitation, Water works, Electricity, etc., without physically going to the offices. This is done via multiple digital channels like web, mobile and kiosks.

On the Government side, this is the perfect application to track Key Performance Indicators and vital statistics that will help improve governance and citizen satisfaction.

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We offer our services right from conceptualization to design and implementation. Our motivated and experienced team brings an in-depth knowledge of the industry that will help in making your application the best in the market.

Neologix has special expertise in the UAE market. Click Here to check out case study in the UAE.

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