Why your business needs an Employee Performance Monitoring Portal

Employee Performance Monitoring Portal
Employee Performance Monitoring Portal
Employee Performance Monitoring Portal

Organisations constantly strive to increase their productivity, expand their business operations and ultimately become successful in what they do. And companies owe a great deal of their success to their employees. 

However, when several projects are in the pipeline requiring multiple teams to manage them, it becomes crucial to monitor employee performance and determine how things are progressing.

Although it may be your habit to glance into offices or cubicles while going down the hall, with so many businesses committing to a wholly virtual or hybrid workforce, keeping an eye on the employees and ascertaining their productivity is no longer possible. This is why managers and leaders must keep up with technological advancements and look for digital alternatives to monitor employee performance in a valuable and productive way. 

What is an Employee Performance Monitoring Portal?

It’s a no-brainer that employee productivity and efficiency fuel growth. Businesses must set clear goals and expectations for their employees and ensure everyone is on the same page. Evaluating, measuring, and improving employee performance is equally important. And that’s where an employee performance monitoring portal comes in.

Businesses are slowly moving away from siloed spreadsheets in favour of SharePoint’s performance-tracking systems that result in enhanced productivity, seamless customisability, KPI tracking, and centralised document management – the employee performance monitoring portal is one of them. Companies, as a result, find themselves in a much better position to drive employee growth while increasing productivity and earnings.

Monitoring the performance of your employees can keep your teams in sync and offer you an accurate picture of your workforce’s overall productivity and efficiency. It lets you make adjustments over time while keeping your teams accountable. An employee performance monitoring portal can also help you identify and get rid of unproductive tasks so you can grow and add value to your organisation.

Track Employee Performance Using Power BI

Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence (or Power BI) is also a valuable addition to tracking employee performance. Integrating PowerBI into the SharePoint-based employee performance monitoring portal can utilise various workplace analytics data to generate more insights about an employee’s performance and identify ways to improve their productivity.

Even if your KPIs change over time, the employee tracking system aids in making connections and inferences between the data and KPIs. The tool can also assess teamwork during scheduled meetings and team tasks to monitor employee effectiveness.

Power BI, integrated with the SharePoint portal, can offer data-driven suggestions for how you, as a team leader, can influence improvements in employee performance whenever it deteriorates. In other words, rather than merely focusing on specific data points, the portal looks at how you and your team members collaborate to get things done and add value to the business.

Benefits of using an Employee Performance Monitoring Portal

Comprehending an employee’s strengths and weaknesses is vital to your company’s overall performance and morale. With SharePoint, you can see where your employees excel and where they require additional support.

Here are some benefits of using SharePoint to track employee performance.

  • Automatically schedule employee reviews
  • Detailed dashboard view of the status and progress of each employee’s performance
  • KPI and progress indicators
  • Automated emails for reminders and follow-up
  • Streamline employee workflow 
  • Track employee goals and achievements
  • Compare employee performance to predetermined models.
  • Gather performance-related feedback from other managers and employees
  • Track the status changes and audit history electronically
  • Keeps a record of previous evaluations of employees
  • Allows employees to electronically complete and submit self-evaluations to their team leaders
  • Empower managers with various search tools and capabilities for quick employee evaluation


Tracking an employee’s performance isn’t about outing bad behaviour or micromanaging every aspect of your team. Once you have built a team you trust, an efficient employee performance tracker can ensure you all meet your KPIs. So that employee productivity and flexibility don’t go unrecognised. 

You can take advantage of SharePoint’s flexibility and adaptability to help bridge gaps between employees and their management. Keeping an eye on how your team members collaborate will allow you to stay on target with business-wide goals and address concerns at the root. That said, depending on your industry and company, SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features may not be sufficient to handle your employee monitoring requirements. 

With more than two decades of domain experience, Neologix can be a reliable partner for building your customised SharePoint-based employee performance monitoring portal. All you need to do is reach out to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible and start the conversation. 

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