eCommerce Website Design Ideas For Building Your Online Store In Dubai


If you’re a new-age entrepreneur and want to set up an internet-based eCommerce store to sell goods in Dubai, then this is the right time to consider some eCommerce web design ideas for building your online store. Here are a few essential ideas from the team at Neologix which is an eCommerce website development Dubai company offering professional web services to clients across the UAE.

eCommerce Website Design ideas Trending in Dubai

Dubai is growing faster than you can imagine. A survey by reports the highest number of online shoppers in the UAE are from Dubai, which is a whopping 46%. The region that was surrounded by desert a few decades back has now become one of the tropical international business destinations. And the reason behind this shift is the changing preferences of residents as well as business owners. While finalizing your e-commerce website design, here are essential ideas from the team at Neologix which is an eCommerce website development Dubai company offering professional web services to clients across the UAE.

Homepage Design

Your success largely depends on how your eCommerce website impresses your customers when they first land on your store. Their reactions and emotions while browsing your website can be a major factor in helping them decide on making a purchase. Hence it is essential that your homepage should look attractive, have the necessary products listed and most importantly load fast. This makes it easier to attract attention by allowing brands in their storytelling and also helps to promote some special product or service. Along with all other options, make sure it comprises of an opt-in form that can collect user email ids for cross-product promotion at a later stage.

Navigation ideas

While designing the website, you need to pay close attention to the navigation of the pages. From a ‘Search Menu’ in the top right corner to ‘drop-down menus,’ you should pay heed to each and every part very carefully. The more attractive your navigation menu is, the better results it will produce.

Product listing

While listing the products, make sure you upload HD product images (multiple images from different angles) that can prompt users to click. List all the products belonging to various categories and offer attractive offers on them. Give users something that they can’t refuse.

Dynamic Product Information

In the end, it’s all about high-quality content. There are many other e-commerce website owners in Dubai, and if you want to stand out, you need to produce better content than them. Make sure all the listed products have attractive descriptions attached to them, which are short, sweet, and just good enough to make users love the product.

Other Essential Features

Apart from the ideas mentioned above, make sure you also have a trusted payment system to collect money from users in a secure way. In order to avoid any chance of cyber attacks, you should install an SSL certificate, which can provide a safe & secure shopping experience to users. Last, but not the least, make sure you factor in the burgeoning impact and influence of mobile shoppers. Design your website such that it provides an elevated user experience to smartphone users. Ensure that your website displays perfectly on devices of all screen sizes whether it be a desktop, smartphone or a tablet.

eCommerce Website Design Dubai

Build A Strong Online Presence

These ideas are the fundamental building blocks of a robust e-commerce store. If you need professional assistance in gaining online momentum, then do connect with Neologix, one of the best IT companies in Dubai and Sharjah. Our team of expert eCommerce website developers place immense emphasis on customer empathy and can help you with a future-proof e-commerce website design in Dubai for your business.

If you have any opinion, suggestion or feedback, shoot it in the comments section or contact us for more such creative web design ideas.

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