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With the rapid growth of unstructured corporate content, enterprises face increasing difficulties while managing documents, electronic information, and related processes.
Documents and content from different sources with their structure and purposes need a managed structure. While departments might organise their information by customers, others might structure their files by-products or projects. The information of the data and documents are later searched in email, on paper, or even on portable storage.

Did you ever want to reduce the time it takes you to find the information? Have you ever thought about the more efficient filing of documents in a central location? Have you ever wished for seamless collaboration on documents and contents to work on projects more efficiently? You want to take control of your documents and their related processes in your company, but the reality looks quite different?

As a consequence, unorganised sharing and copying of documents arise frequently; resulting in fragmented and unstructured data, working time wasted on searching for information instead of using it productively. It leaves you vulnerable to data protection, security. Unauthorised access to confidential information like data and documents can increase the risk of information leaks for each piece of information stored in an unsecured area. Frustration is inevitable for the office employees as well as for IT management. As you can see, chaotic document processes have a negative business impact, ultimately cost you time and money.

To avoid situations like this -Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the solution to take charge, maintaining your unstructured documents. 

  • ECM structures your data and documents by what they are instead of where they are, helping to organise and automate business processes. Let’s have a look and see how ECM can help you!
  • ECM helps to reduce the time it takes to obtain information. Instead, of spending time searching for a document, ECM collects documents from all sources, indexes them, to find information quickly by keywords. In the future, it won’t be about where the document is stored but how it is stored, the kind of document you are storing, and the labels and tags you attached to your document to identify it. The label replaces the need for any hierarchical structure. 
  • Everyone with access rights can easily find and reuse documents from a central storage location. There will be no need for any duplication. It means documents are stored together at a central location with all their previous versions instead of having different copies of the same document at different locations. 
  • By establishing an ECM system document handling, it records and offers transparency, about document changes. This offers seamless collaboration on documents amongst colleagues and even across different departments.

ECM encourages collaboration seamlessly on documents and content. Efficient operations in companies link documents and their processes. ECM benefits companies from time and cost savings, secure data, improved collaboration, increased productivity, resulting in higher profits.

Doxis4: An Optimised ECM Solution

As a leading vendor of intelligent information management and process automation software, Doxis4 helps you achieve true digital transformation.

Doxis4’s highly acclaimed, cutting-edge solutions for content, workflows and collaboration give you the means to grow business, enhance operational efficiency, enrich customer experience and create a modern digital workplace.

For larger organisations with multiple departments, Doxis4 is a perfect solution to manage, optimise your business process content and documents. 

Doxis4 in HR Management

A quick call with candidates or a higher hierarchy with the respective documents makes a successful hr meet. HR documents and files with specific information of candidates are huge, and finding them in the quick possible way from a secured stored environment is time-consuming. 

Doxis4 digitalised the HR environment with tailored workflows managing your process with compliance requirements like data protection to audit-proof archiving. 

HR are offered multiple features from Doxis4:

  1. A digital and personalised dashboard to collectively bring applicant documents.
  2. Digital file access with search keywords or document names.
  3. Digital travel expenses to account travel cost of each individual.
  4. Automated onboarding / off-boarding to quicken the process.
  5. Vacation request to manage the leaves and vacation of employees.
  6. Skill management workflows to enhance the individual growth in between the companies department. 

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Doxis4 for Purchasing and Procurement

Time and money go together while you purchase and procure the good during a certain time under certain budget conditions. The purchase requisition and order verification from supply management is a challenging task. While they maintain the complex contract structure, they deal with countless deadlines and thousand of associated purchasing and procurement documents.

Role of Doxis4 in purchasing and procurement,

  1. Digital purchase requisitions in the form of ready templates.
  2. ERP integration via certified interfaces to automate data transfer with any ERP software like CRM, EDI is required in the business process.
  3. Quality management ensures the recertification of the suppliers and the correct inventory process. 
  4. Automated order releases ensure a continuous supply.
  5. Supplier onboarding to identify suitable suppliers. 
  6. Documentation and reports for processing time, contract deadlines, audits.

Legal cases

A legal organisation dealing with the increasing volume of data aren’t optimising themselves with a heavy workload. Tasks like tracking legal casework, quickly providing information, managing team, and systematically securing and managing the digitally printed data in a secured and safe environment. 


Transforming legal casework with Doxis4.

  1. Document management & eFiles, enabling context and search-based access to structured and versioned documents searching.
  2. Electronic contract management to access contracts in contract efiles by coordinating contract workflows.
  3. Electronic deadline monitoring to notify the expiry dates, deadlines, escalations of contracts. 
  4. Automated verification and release processes coordinate approval of multi-stage and parallel release processes. 
  5. Audit-proof archiving inlines for auditing and automates the legal retention periods.
  6. Integrated audit trials and analysis reports.

Finance and accounting

Labor-intensive manual activities in financial sectors, losses track of compliance in complex international business relationships. Doxis4 adds transparency and visibility to labor-intensive manual accounting activities. 

Vendor accounting solutions with Doxis4

  1. Automated inbound invoicing is an end-to-end, all formats eInvoice process.
  2. Automatic data update of vendors in Doxis4 when third-party ERP or financial system is updated.
  3. Audit-proof document archiving for relevant tax information that complies with the legal retention period.
  4. Integrated posting orders and bills.
  5. A 360 view of vendors’ invoices, ERP data, transactions, and comments.
  6. Digital reports displaying status transparency, structured and non-conformance, lead times, and account balances. 

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Marketing is a different world altogether, with campaigns, PR work, event planning depending all on your content quality. Doxis4 structures the virtual content by retrieving it in multiple formats like superseded texts, images, brochures, videos, and research. The duplication of documents, versioning of these documents, workflows, and transparency can free more time for the creative process. 

Organize and enhance your marketing strategy marketing with Doxis4.

  1. Complete overview of marketing content including superseded and localized versions. 
  2. Real-time status display of marketing projects like event preparations, campaigns, deadlines, and responsibilities to lessen the time and duplication of work. 
  3. Work with agents in a secured and transparent collaborative and sharing environment.
  4. Portal integration to provide marketing materials. 
  5. The campaign, event, press, and customer files of organization, press releases, contracts, presentations, or venues in a central location. 
  6. Digital task management is designed for flexible planning and managing of projects and events. 
  7. Reference management managing customer quotes, reports, images in a simplified, transparent process.

Doxis4: Company-wide Centralised Content Manager

Large organisations have scattered data, Doxis4 is specially designed to data from a different department in the central storage system, reducing the duplicate information and allowing the visibility of real-time process details. It does matter if your organisations are working in different geographical locations, now an authorised body can access Doxis4 solutions at any time, anywhere from any device. Ease the decision-making process with AI-based reporting that allows you to apply previous experience in your upcoming projects. 


The one-for-all solution, Doxis4 is immediately available for international branches and all departments.

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