5 Mind Blowing Document Management Trends for 2020


While most companies have migrated from paper to digital documentations, majority of them haven’t unraveled the true potential of digitization. There are several untapped benefits of upgradation to latest tools such as increased speed, reduced error, easier accessibility to key data and so on.

Key Document Management Trends

Document management has evolved over the years and current practices vary from what it used to be a few years back. As we step into the next decade, there are several trends that has stood the test of time and will soon be widely adopted while there are some which are brand new in the document management software world. Below are some of them:

Proliferation of cloud computing is happening at a break neck pace


The benefits of cloud computing has been known to the world for quite some time now. It has impacted the IT industry across the globe and document management systems hasn’t been immune to these changes. With an internet connection, cloud computing enables you to access your files and documents at your preferred computer, location and network of choice. Cloud based solutions offers scalability, agility and flexibility never seen before while reducing both Opex and capex costs offering some of the best document management systems.

How Microsoft SharePoint Helps:

 MSFT manages and secures the infra, OS and application layers of the stack, ensuring that the data at the data center and its transit to the end customer is secure. The end customer is empowered to control, access and secure the various data and user identities.

Evolving workplace demands a mobile friendly environment

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There has been a rise in the demand for document accessibility away from traditional workspace through a variety of online devices including smartphones and tablets. This has also resulted in a demand for software that is user friendly and compatible with the various interface devices. For instance, Google cloud print enables select multi functional printers to access documents from a end users home without the need for elaborate deployments through IT departments.

How Microsoft Share point helps:

Sharepoint Online lets your device to view website information, access shared documents, stay connected with work through mobile devices and collaborate with remote colleagues. SharePoint Online is available on more devices than ever before through Share Point mobile apps.

Enterprises face a growing need for AI and natural language understanding



As the world is evolving towards automation and rapid adoption of AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing, the challenges faced by the enterprises are numerous.

  • Enterprises are limited by the amount of data available to them to train their neural networks.
  • They lack the resources and skills to annotate, tag and label the data even if the data is available
  • The time taken to collect, clean and prepare the data could range from months to years.


NLS technology, in contrast, can handle unstructured data like texts in everyday language. It could be trained using smaller datasets and requires almost no annotation or tagging which could save both costs and time (weeks or months instead of years)

How Microsoft Share point helps:

Microsoft introduced cognitive services, data management and analytics capabilities in SharePoint which extends their usability beyond developers to almost everyone.

Growth of digital document management systems has led to more sophisticated cybercrimes and hence the need for better online security



As the ease of document accessibility improved, it brought along certain security vulnerabilities as a byproduct. Securing content across a network of remote workers will be a major challenge that enterprises will be facing in 2020.

How Microsoft Share point Helps:

Microsoft recommends the following tiers of protection for data, identities and devices:

  • Baseline protection
  • Sensitive protection
  • Highly confidential protection


Microsoft offers top in class cloud services and platforms that meet the rigorous security standards as validated by several international and regional organizations. This offers the enterprises the peace of mind that their infrastructure and applications and compliant with the mandated industry requirements.

Enterprise Search will be the next big thing in 2020



Enterprise search function provides easy accessibility to decades of enterprise knowledge and wisdom that has been under-utilized. As data within an enterprise grows and takes new forms and employees are equipped with AI enabled tools such as search functions that that could contextually understand queries, the possibilities to get the most out of the data are limitless. Thus the enterprise search function has evolved beyond being just a tool in the toolbox to being a key productivity driver and accelerant that facilitates strategic decision making and offers potential competitive advantage.

So if you’re stuck with an old document management system, consider switching to SharePoint based document management system to stay ahead in the competition. Contact us to know more regarding document management trends.

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