How using mobile technology for better governance can enhance the quality of life


How can you use mobile technology for better governance? How can you use connected smart devices to have a good impact on society?

While many industries like manufacturing, petroleum, logistics etc are already capturing the huge potential of connected mobile smart devices; So can’t governments also benefit significantly from the variety of devices which can be connected seamlessly?

By leveraging the power of these connected devices governments can enter an era of intelligent cities. Where sensors and automation can enhance public safety and improve government to citizen interaction. This, in turn, will improve the quality of life for general citizens!

How connected mobile devices can help good decision making

You might be wondering how can connected devices help you with business automation? Each device by itself can only provide limited value!

A personal value loop of having connected devices at home

But just imagine if you can have your mobile phone connected to the camera in your house? You can see whoever comes to your house. Let’s make it interesting, by adding more devices to the whole configuration. Let’s say your doorbell is smart and is also connected to your mobile. Now the moment someone rings the bell you get a notification on your mobile. You can immediately use the mobile to connect to the camera on your doorway to see who it is. Make decisions faster!

Let’s make it even more interesting by adding a smart lock to your main door. Now in the camera, you see it’s your in-laws who you forgot will be arriving at your place today. And they just showed up at your doorstep! With a connected smart door lock you can open the door right from where you are! Saving you from grave embarrassment. Real-time information and remote actions through connected devices can really improve your decisions.

The more devices that you connect and more automation you can bring. Not just that it saves time, but helps in right decision making.

How governments can derive value out of connected devices

Now just imagine how governments and its different departments can benefit from such a network of connected devices!

Transportation sector can benefit from using GPS tracking devices to enable real-time monitoring of public transports. And give better information on waiting times to the passengers. Governments can use payment swipe information to analyse peaks in the use of public transport. This will help agencies to gear up for more supply of transit systems during peak times. This will avoid overfilled transit systems during peak hours and underutilised system during off-peak hours.

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