Developing Cross Platform Apps for iOS, Android & Windows

Today, the mobile phone is an inevitable tool for businesses and not just a mere device for making phone calls. The smartphone industry has taken over and changed the face of marketing forever.

Businesses, now, understand the relevance of developing mobile apps. And the demand to get mobile apps developed for multiple platforms is increasing evermore. This is because businesses want to expand their business among users of all platforms. The most popular platforms for mobile app development include Android, Windows as well as iOS.

Releasing a mobile app only for Android platform will benefit only the users of Android devices. So, you will lose business from prospective customers owning a mobile device running on iOS or Windows platform. In simple words, releasing a mobile app for a specific mobile platform limits your business among users of that mobile platform only. Therefore, developing Cross Platform apps is the need of the hour.

We, at Neologix, specialize in developing cross platform apps. We help you reduce costs of developing mobile applications by implementing cross platform application development instead of developing separate apps for iOS, Windows or Android platform.

For ensuring a consistent user experience, our developers work hard to overcome design and development limitations faced during reconciliation of unique native languages of the mobile platforms. More importance is given to combine the features of native language and SDK for supporting the complete functionality of the cross-platform, thereby contributing to superior performance with quality & consistency.

With cross platform apps development, users enjoy the same user experience across all mobile platforms. It is based on the concept that functionality of an app will be similar even if the mobile platform is different. It is to be noted here that there are several features that are common among all the mobile applications. This helps in efficient & effective development of cross-platform apps for all platforms.

We adopt a methodology known as Rapid release cycle process. In this process, each of the release cycles will consist of smaller features that can be developed and released as per desire & need of the mobile app developer.

While developing cross-platform apps, Neologix’s expert developers will ensure that the apps are tuned for enhanced optimal performance. Significant improvement in response time as well as CPU-Memory-Network consumption is achieved during the development of cross-platform apps. Cross platform apps development offers a huge range of benefits for mobile users & we at Neologix will ensure that app development takes place at the right time.

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